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Monday, March 21, 2016

A great surprise from Zigzagwanderer

(Scott)-This turned up in my email a couple days ago, Zigzagwanderer has been around for a spell, and he
contributes some fine links here for us featuring some Devo boots and some Mazzy Star related projects (one of the most unbelievable responses, to me, for any post ever, was the INCREDIBLE popularity of the Mazzy Star albums, I thought they would sink quietly, they have been on fire, the Devo post has done well too, but the Mazzy Star has amazed me) I think maybe the easiest way to handle this one is just paste his email up, and then see if I can find some track lists for each of the projects that we have......btw these are Mediafire links, rather than the zippyshare I normally use, I doubt that makes a difference......anyway thanks a billion to Zigzagwanderer, MAN I have some incredible contributors to this blog and I can't thank them enough!

Hi Scott ,
                 Here's some Devo & Mazzy Star [& related] stuff you might like .......

DEVO - Walker Art Center, Minneapolis - Nov. 3, 1978

Devo - Live at Max's Kansas City Nov. 15. 1977

DEVO - Akron OH, Crypt , ?? February 1977

Going Home - April 22. 1985

The only thing we know about Going Home is that it was Hope Sandoval's first group before she joined Opal (after Kendra Smith left), which then mutated into Mazzy Star.
This collection of four songs were performed April 22, 1985 at Texas Hotel Records when Going Home opened for Opal. Hope must have been about 18 years old when this was recorded.

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Cafe Le Danse Sept 2002

Mazzy Star -Live In The Metro Nov. 12 1994


DEVO-Minneapolis 11/3/78-Wiggly World/02 Pink Pussycat/03 Satisfaction/04 Too Much Paranoias/05 Praying Hands/06 Uncontrollable Urge/07 Mongoloid/08 Jocko Homo/09 Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA/10 Sloppy/11 Come Back Jonee/12 Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy/13 Devo Corporate Anthem/14 Red Eye Express/15 The World Gets Stuck in My Throat

DEVO-Max's Kansas City 11/15/77-01 David Bowie Intro/02 Satisfaction/03 Too Much Paranoias/04 Praying Hands/05 Uncontrolable Urge/06 Mongoloid/07 Smart Patrol/Mr DNA/08 Gut Feeling (Slap Your Mammy)/09 Sloppy/10 Come back Jonee

DEVO-AKRON OHIO CRYPT 1977-01 Praying Hands/02 Social Fools/03 Be Stiff/04 Uncontrollable Urge/
05 Secret Agent Man/06 Shrivel Up/07 Last Time I Saw St. Louis/08 Fraulein/09 Too Much Paranoias/
10 Huboon Stomp/11 Space Junk/12 Mongoloid/13 Falling In Love Again/14 Soo Bawlz/15 Blockhead/
16 Jocko Homo/17 The World Gets Stuck In My Throat

GOING HOME-TEXAS HOTEL RECORDS 4/22/85-Unable to locate set list, however, here is a video link 
as well to go with the DL link...

Clear Day/03 Butterfly Running/04 Friend of a Smile/05 Around My Smile/06 Charlotte/07 Bavarian Fruit 
Bread/08 Silver and Gold/09 Lose Me On the Way/10 Play With Fire

MAZZY STAR LIVE IN THE METRO 11/12/94-01-Flowers In December/02 Ride It Out/03 Into Dust/04 Give
You My Lovin'/05 Fade Into You/06 Halah/07 Ghost Highway/08 Blue Flower


  1. This Minneapolis DEVO show is killer! I'm listening to it as i type this. Great performance and audio quality. A must for DEVO fans and the DEVO curious alike.

    Thanks to the person for sending it in, and thanks for posting it.

  2. Thanks for the Mazzy Star shows & precursor album!!!

    That duo was so locked into their vibe...incredible stuff....a world.

    I loved their awesome to hear they could bring their vibe 100% locked-in live too.