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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Beatles Uncovered-Tremendous!

Found this posted on "Voodoo Wagon", ( posted by blogging wunderkind Jobe.... I don't TOO often borrow/steal/creatively acquire other people's posts (I never would without securing permission, as Jobe generously granted in this situation), but I found this so tremendous that I wanted to get it to the biggest possible number of Beatles fans possible.

OK, what this is is a 2011 release brought forth by a publication (UK I assume) TMOQ Gazette.....the information on who compiled, any backstory, etc, are quite sketchy, but the music is PHENOMINAL! Great alternate takes on many, many Beatles greats, if you are a Beatles fan this is a must have, must hear. Also included is an illustrated booklet (I haven't read it, too lazy to blow it up to suit my blind eyes, if I had, likely I'd have more info).......anyway, I DID include the booklet also, and anyone with any knowledge of this collection please inform me.....we've had a good bit of great Beatles-related stuff the last couple of months, but there's always room for Beatles!!

And, come to think of it, it's even more appropriate with the recent passing of George Martin, who likely was responsible for most if not all of the studio hijinx used to add or subtract from the original of the most interesting collections I've heard in sometime.

DISC 1-01 I Saw Her Standing There (No Handclaps)/02 I Want to Hold Your Hand (W Count-in, no handclaps)/03 A Hard day's Night (Different Remix)/04 Can't Buy me Love (Original Solo)/05 I Feel Fine (Complete Backing Track)/06 Eight Days a Week (w/count-in, clean intro, no handclaps)/07 In My Life (No Solo)/08 In My Life (Hammond Solo Edited In)/09  Wait (No Overdubs)/10 Yellow Submarine (Bare Bones Mix)/11 She's Leaving Home (Elements Combined)/12 Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite (No Circus Effects)/13 Good Morning, Good Morning (No Overdubs/Effects)/14 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) (Full Ending)/15 Hello Goodbye (No String Overdubs)/16 I Am the Walrus (Newly Created Mix)/17 Back In the USSR (Paul's vocal and basic drums)/18 Come Together (Several Overdubs removed)/19 Something (Paul's Vocalized Solo)/20 Maxwell's Silver Hammer (No synthesizer overdubs)/21 Oh! Darling (Stripped Down Remix)/23 Here Comes the Sun (No Handclaps and Moog Overdubs)/24 Polythene Pam (John's guitar and Ringo's drum, full ending)/25 I Me Mine (Unedited Backing Track)

DISC 2-01 Do You Want to Know a Secret (Restored Version)/02 Ticket to Ride (single tracked vocal mix)/03 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (no sitar)/04 Think For Yourself (no fuzzed guitar overdub)/05 Michelle (Complete backing Track)/06 Michelle (Paul's Single Tracked Vocal)/07 Girl (No guitar overdub)/08 Run For Your Life (remix)/09 Paperback Writer (Vocal Tracks Opened Right Up)/10 Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds (Complete Backing Track)/11 When I'm 64 (No Clarinet overdubs)/12 Lovely Rita (Less Overdubs, More Vocals)/13 A Day In the Life (Reconstructed from Different Source)/14 All You Need Is love (Backing Track)/15 Hey Bulldog (Backing Track with count-in)/16 Revolution (single tracked and much less guitar)/17 While My Guitar Gently Weeps (No vocal and acoustic guitar)/18 Birthday (No overdubs and backing vocals)/19 Oh! Darling (guide vocals mixed in)/20 Octopus's Garden (piano)/21 Fool On the Hill (Love Version)/22 Girl (Love Version)

You Beatle-ites oughta thank the great Jobe and the Voodoo Wagon Blog for this gem!


  1. D1



  2. Thanks for these volumes. My wife loves The Beatles so I'm sure she'll dig this.

    1. Let me know if she does Mike, I thought it was great!

  3. Scott, my wife agreed. She thought it was great too. Gives a bit of perspective into how the tunes progressed until a final take was chosen. We both thank you and Jobe for this set.

  4. Any chance you could re-upload these? Thanks!!