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Thursday, March 31, 2016

By Request: Truth and Janey

Jack Bond chimes in with a request for some Truth and Janey, kind of rare stuff from those rocking
mid-70's......I have two albums in my stash that might be useful.......they had another release or two, if any of you happen to have any of them, please lets get together and fill out everyone's Truth and Janey shelf.....

OK, these boys were from the USA heartland, Cedar Rapids,  Iowa. Consisting of drummer Denis Bunce, bassist Steve Bock, and guitarist/singer BillyLee Janey. The first, and only official full length that they released was 1976's "No Rest For the Wicked"......standard hard rock, based roughly on the Cream/Hendrix power trio format, it's really a good hard rocking piece, don't really know why it was met with such utter indifference......there was a HELL of lot worse shit out there in 1976.  For my money one of the most underappreciated hard rocking bands of those fabulous 70's.

This is a good album.....the do a solid cover of "Under My Thumb", and there are numerous dark and brooding hard rockers ala "Down the Road I Go" and the title track, "No Rest For the Wicked"......this is one damn good album, for fans of 1970's hard/ I said, it's a bit hard to find, so here it is if you want it.

I can also supply the VERY good live epic, "Erupts", a live album from the band's peak 1976-77 years.....obviously I never saw them, but judging from this album, they were a VERY good live band....this was released much later on, I think after 2000, after interest in the previously overlooked band started to open's a DAMN excellent album, I like it better than the studio release, actually.....

And that's all I have......I think they may have released another live disc (unsure) and some singles, EP's kind of things, but for the core of Truth and janey, basically, all you need are these two discs. Enjoy these Jack Bond and anyone else with a taste for the greatest decade in rock n roll, those glorious 1970's!

NO REST FOR THE WICKED-01 Down the Road I Go/02 The Light/03 I'm Ready/04 Remember/05 No rest For the Wicked/06 It's All About Us/07 Ain't No Telling/08 My Mind/09 Midnight Horseman/10 Around and Around/11 Under My Thumb/12 Straight Eight Pontiac

ERUPTS!-01 No Rest For the Wicked/02 Birth of the Heart/03 Universal Lights/04 A Child/05 Building Walls/06 Tunnel of Tomorrow/07 The Light/08 One Down One To Go/09 White Blood/10 My Mind/11 As I Am/12 Ain't No Telling/13 Hard Road


  1. NO REST


  2. Many thanks for these Scott, and I hope everyone gives these albums a go. I recommend them highly.