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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Animals Part 2

Part 1 links were mostly my own , but John N sent me the 
box-set "The Mickey Most Years "(Mickey Most being the producer of some of thier early works......this is more of the jamming-hard blues stuff that was featured im Part 1, Part 3 will feature (my fave actually), thier psych albums, which are pretty cool as well.....but for now let us enjoy the Micky Most box set, alot of which has never been digitalized until now.....check this out Animals fans, more greatness here!

Disc 1 of the box set is an EP, "I Just Want to Make Love to You", there are 3 or 4 tracks here, likely a fairly hard one to find.....keep in mind we are still in the band's "hard blues" era, and it rocks just fine.

Disc 2 is the original "Animals" album, featuring perhaps thier best known tune "House of the Rising Sun", a longtime fave of mine, plenty of other great stuff here, although there is some overlap from the albums in Part 1. Next up we have "Animal Tracks", which is NOT the same "Animal Tracks" that I used in Part 1. Animals fans or completists, you'll likely want this one too.

Disc 3 is "Animal Tracks", AGAIN not the same as the one of that title in Part 1, again, there is SOME overlap, but you'll want this one as well, if you want to hear the ENTIRE story of the Animals. Disc 4 of this set winds down with "The Animals on Tour", great live versions of the R&B shouters we've been featuring up until now....this is a fab box, costly too, and we're iving you a chance to save a few bucks on this one..

OK, there is a bit of overlap here...thanks to John N for the Mickey Most box set, it rounds things out nicely.....and Part 3, whenever, will feature the Animals in psychedelic mode, which was absolutely fabulous stuff as well.....but for now, enjoy ANOTHER batch of psycho Hard blues from one of the greatest bands that ever were!

ANIMALS (MICKEY MOST YEARS DISC 1)-01 I Just Want To Make Love to You/02 Big Boss Man/03 Boom Boom/04 Pretty Thing

ANIMALS (MICKEY MOST YEARS DISC 2)-01 House of the Rising Sun/02 The Girl Can't help It03 Blue Feeling/04 baby Let Me take You Home Tonight/05 The Right Time/06 Talkin Bout You/07 Around and Around/08 I'm in Lover Again/09 Gonna Send You Back to Walker/10 Memphis, tennessee/11 I'm Mad Again/12 I've Been Around

ANIMALS (MICKY MOST YEARS DISC 3)-01 Boom Boom/02 How You've Changed/03 Mess aroune/04 Birght lights, Big City/05 I Believe In My Soul/06 Worried Life Blues/07 Let the Good Times Roll/08 Ain't Got You/09 Hallelujah I Love Her So/10 I'm Crying/11 Dimples/12 She Said Yeah/13 baby What's Wrong/14 F-E-E-L/15 New Years Radio Spot

ANIMALS (MICKY MOST YEARS DISC 4)-01 We Gotta Get Out of This Place/02 Take It Easy baby/03 Bring It On Home To Me/04 The Story of Bo Diddley/05 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood/06 I Can't Believe It/07 Club A Go Go/08 Roberta/09 Bury My Body/10 For Miss Caulker/11Roadrunner/12 Don't Want Much/13 We Gotta Get Out of This Place (UK Single Version)/14 It's My Life/15 I'm Gonna Change the World

Now, NEXT animals post, watch how smoothly they evolve from a frantic blues-rock band to one of the best psych bands that ever were! 


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  2. D2 and D3 seem to contain the same CD #2 ...

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