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Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Greatest Ever" Pop Punk

"Greatest ever" is indeed what they call it, hell maybe it is......
a good mix of some well known good stuff, some well known bad stuff, some obscuritites, and some classics from the golden age of punk....apparently an import effort on some Russian (?) label (looks like Russian fonts/characters to me, I dunno)..... lets hit the high/low points of each disc, the full track list make yourself aware whether there is a lot here you want, as I like to warn, alot of this is commonly compiled on comps of this nature, so if you have an extensive collection, you may wish to program this yourself and whittle it down by a disc or 2.
Disc One leads off with two brattish numbers that truly live up the box set's title (or at least it's theme, not sure about this "greatest ever") ....Blink 182's "What's My Age Again" was a kind poor man's Green Day track, and Sum 41's "In Too Deep" was a really good song that got beaten to death. Surprisingly, most of the rest of the disc stakes out more obscure material...... stuff from Rival Schools, American Hi-Fi, Head Automatica and more, avoiding anything from the awful Hoobastank would have been a good idea, but so it goes....

Are you familiar with the psychotic Andrew WK? His "Party Hard" leads off Disc 2...... this is a perfect place for Andrew, imo, a LITTLE of him goes quite a long way, still a good track you don't hear much anymore. Then there are everyday tracks that you hear, well, everyday, from Fountains of Wayne, Weezer, Hole, Smash Mouth.... the Lemonheads "Mrs Robinson" checks in for the second time this month (Lemonheads post of earlier in month is better context obviously), L7's tremendous "Pretend We're Dead" is not exactly a rarity, but it is such a  good one I had to mention it..... a Husker Du track is ALWAYS welcome, as is anything from the Donnas (one of my fave bands of the 00's), especially the great "Take It Off"..... lesser known stuff here too, The Subways, Hundred Reasons, Len, and a few others...... this is likely the most accessible of the discs.

Disc 3 focuses on older material for the most part, again, a lot of it commonly comped. Buzzcocks, Ramones,  The Jam, XTC, The Runaways, and others are represented here, a rarity or at least an obscurity from one would be nice..... Always loved The Jag's "Back of My hand", Toy Dolls and Jilted John are at least lesser known than most here.

As a whole I'd give this set about 2.5 stars.... too much common material, but ENOUGH lesser material that one should be able to fill up at least ONE disc, I'd say...... that's why it's here! Enjoy!

DISC 1-BLINK 182-What's My Age Again/02 SUM 41-In Too Deep/03 ALIEN ANT FARM-Smooth Criminal/04 LESS THAN JAKE-All My best Friends are Metaheads/05 YELLOWCARD-Ocean Avenue/06 A-Nothing/07 SIMPLE PLAN-I'm Just a Kid/08 FALL OUT BOY-Alone Together/09 BOXCAR RACER-There Is/10 AMERICAN HI-FI-Flavor of the Week/11 GOLDFINGER-Superman/12 HOOBASTANK-Out of Control/13 YOU ME AT SIX-Underdog/14 THE RASMUS-In the Shadows/15 THE STARTING LINE-The Best of Me/16 RIVAL SCHOOLS-Used For Glue/17 HEAD AUTOMATICA-Beating Heart Baby/18 THE ACADEMY IS-About a Girl/19 THE RED JUMP SUIT APPARATUS-Face Down

DISC 2-01 ANDREW WK-Party Hard/02 WEEZER-Buddy Holly/03 LEN-Steal My Sunshine/04 BUSTED-What I Go To School For/05 DANDY WARHOLS-Bohemian Like You/06 FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE-Stacy's Mom/07 SMASH MOUTH-All Star/08 SUGAR RAY-Every Morning/09 THE LEMONHEADS-Mrs Robinson/10 THE DONNAS-Take It Off/11 SUPERGRASS-Caught By the Fuzz/12 HOLE-Celebrity Skin/13 L7-Pretend We're Dead/14 THE SUBWAYS-Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/
15 HUNDRED REASONS-Silver/16 HUSKER DU-Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely/17 PUDDLE OF MUDD-Blurry/18 PAPA ROACH-Last Resort/19 POD-Boom

DISC 3-01 THE BUZZCOCKS-Ever Fallen In Love?/02 GENERATION X-Dancing With Myself/03 THE RAMONES-Sheena Is a Punk Rocker/04 THE UNDERTONES-Here Comes the Summer/05 THE JAGS-Back of My Hand/06 THE JAM-Going Underground/07 XTC Senses Working Overtime/08 TENPOLE TUDOR-Swords of A Thousand Men/09 SHAM 69-Hurry Up Harry/10 JONATHAN RICHMAN & THE MODERN LOVERS-Roadrunner (Once)/11 JILTED JOHN-Jilted John/12 THE DAMNED-New Rose/13 PLASTIC BERTRAND-A Plane Pour Moi/14 THE RUNAWAYS-Cherry Bomb/15 LENE LOVICH-Lucky Number/16 X-RAY SPEX-Germ Free Adolescence/17 TOY DOLLS-Nellie the Elephant/18 THE DICKIES-Banana Splits



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