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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Omega Plus

Don't remember where I got this one  from, Omega Plus only (?) release was "How to Kiss the Sky",  from
France ca. 1969.......that's about all the information that is available.......that being said, this is a fairly decent set of folkish/progg-ish psych, well worth a listen.....the albums centerpiece, the 16 minute-plus opus "Voyelles" goes on a bit long for my taste, but the other tracks here are certainly worth a listen......anyone have any information on these folks? Not much info out there on them, but honestly not a bad album, a true "period piece" as I like to say (too often, perhaps).

01 Unfaithful Woman/02 Spanish Feeling/03 Wild Cult/04 Which Colour/05 Do You Need Sugar/06 Voyelles

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