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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Starz-Attention Shoppers!

Not to be taken seriously, this is in fact a pretty awful American hard rock album from a pretty awful American hard rock band just happens to come with a fairly interesting story which typlifies what losers these guys were.

In 1978 when this came out, Circus Magazine (an extremely poor man's version of Creem/Trouser Press) used to have a "Reader's Poll" each issue, where supposedly readers would select the top current albums (I seem to recall "Black Sabbath Volume 4" being number one for nearly a year.) Anyway, ONE issue, and one issue only, Starz "Attention Shoppers!" was the Circus Number 1 album, even though is was not even on the list the previous issue, nor would it be the next issue? Why?  Because this lame ass band actually voted for their own crappy album thousands of times, just to get it to #1 in the poll and draw attention to themselves. A lame stunt, to be certain.

Today, it sounds like more of that late 70's comical hard/glam rock typlified by this band as well as Angel, funny enough if you listen with the right attitude. Just came across this one and remembered the story, got some huge posts coming soon (The Animals, Elvis Costello, Elliott Smith and more), so I just put this one up as a lark.....enjoy.

ATTENTION SHOPPERS!-01 Hold Onto the Night/02 She/03 Third Time's the Charm/04 (Any Way That You Want It) I'll Be There/05 Waitin' On You/06 X-Ray Spex/07 Good Ale We Seek/08 Don't Think/09 Johnny All Alone/ 10 Texas/11 Wind

If you are a huge fan of these dopes, don't get your panties wadded, it's only psuedo rock n roll (but I h
ate it!)

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