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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

John N sends some killer stuff today, more than usual....Zombies BBC Sessions

That John N is an amazing piece of work......he sends me links by the truckload, saying if I wish to use them go for it, if not, no big deal......A LOT of the stuff he sends me fits in here perfectly well, and a lot of it fills in gaps in my collection that i thought I'd never fill ( Jack & the Bearded Fishermen, Love Sculpture, more than I can name), AS WELL as fills requests for stuff I'd been seeking (Busboys, Rubber City Rebels, Nona Hendryx), just does amazing work helping me out with this stuff, and ultimately getting it to you......I speak often, and highly, of my contributing staff, but I'd like to throw a special nod to John N this evening, just for the volume of work he does. Believe me, my friend, it is GREATLY APPRECIATED.

So, let's come out punching......I did a post on the Zombies a month or two ago, always thought they were one of the better British Invasion bands, their singles were edgy, different, and ahead of their times. I think I may have used to have had a copy of this, or perhaps not, I've heard a lot of it, perhaps on latter-day radio broadcasts. Really, really fine stuff, the singles are here (a stellar "She's Not There", multiple versions of "Tell Her No") lots of good, well done cover material from some fine writers (Curtis Mayfield, Carole King, more)  .....A TON of  most interesting and enjoyable interviews (which I enjoyed nearly as much as the music, sometimes the BBC was wonderful at between-song interviews and the like.

Highly recommended, if you are a Zombies, or of the fine "BBC Radio Sessions" series....this is a fine example of both.

DISC 1-01 Road Runner/02 You make Me Feel Good/03 Wee Baby Blues/04 She's Not There/05 Interview: The Zombies find America/06 What More Can I Do/07 Interview: Before They Were the Zombies/08 Tell her No/09 I;m Going Home/10 For You My Love/11 Interview: Different Instruments/12 Tell her No #2/13 Soulville/14 Rip It Up/15 Interview: The Zombies Go to University/16 Can't Nobody Love You/17 Tell her No #3/18 You Must Believe Me/19 Interview: Globetrotting Zombies/20 Whenever You're Ready/21 Just Out of Reach/22 Just a Little Bit

DISC 2-01 It's All Right/02 Interview: The Zombies Talk About America/03 Will You love Me Tomorrow/
The Lovelight Starts Shining Through Her Eyes/05 If It Don't Work Out/06 Just a Little Bit/07 Interview:
Pop Profile-Colin Bluestone/08 Gotta Get Ahold of Myself/09 Interview:Colin talks About the Continent/10 
Goin' Out of My head/11 This Old Heart of Mine Is Weak For You/12 Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever/
13 This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak For You)/14 Friends of Mine/15 The Look of Love/16 Kenny Everett 
Interview & Jingle


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  2. fucking great post lad! love these guys. i've been offline for months. in fact, i was going to call you. then, i got fucking jumped by a right wing marine who didn't like a fb post i did. i've almost lost my right eye, can no longer sucks sometimes. hope you are well, bro.