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Friday, March 18, 2016

Black Mountain 10th Anniversary Special Release

Lets have one more for today from the link-machine, John N.... I posted this album quite a while back, it was originally released in 2004 or 2005..... anyway, I posted thier newest release ("IV") the other day, and discussed briefly how much I always liked the band (btw, "IV" is excellent as well)... but Jon N was aware that the debut classic was re-issued in a tenth anniversary special edition with bonus tracks... personally I had no idea, but ALWAYS thrilled to hear some Black Mountain.

If you are unaware, briefly, Black Mountain are a wonderful stoner/space band, somewhat reminding one of a modern day Hawkwind/Kyuss hybrid, very, very good stuff with hard rocking guitars swirling keyboards.....I have not listened to the bonus tracks yet, but I certainly will by tonight, love me some Black Mountain!

This is gonna do it for me for this Friday, as in but 2 hours the opening night of the 2016 Springfield Ohio Strat-O-Matic baseball league will take place, if you don't know what that is it is a LONGTIME passion of mine, our league has been extant since 1983, and four of the 8 of us who participate are charter members!

(Somewhat funny story, maybe not......1985, my first wife and my marriage was in its final stages....she called me about 8:00 PM on a Thursday night to "discuss our relationship and blah blah blah" the Vikings Bears game was about to kickoff, I said no thanks, I'm going to watch the Viking game. She started SCREAMING "YOU BASTARD! ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS WATCHING THE FUCKING VIKINGS, GETTING STONED, AND CHASING SLUTTY WOMEN!"..... it would be the last time I'd speak to her, but as I hung up the phone on her, I said to myself, "man, if she'd remembered the Strat-O-Matic baseball, she'd just about have me pegged...."

What's this got to do with Black Mountain? Well, not a fucking thing, they were likely in grade school at the time, but every now and again I think of a humorous life anecdote that I just feel the need to share......sue me.

Enjoy the Black Mountain special, and of course thanks to the "" of music links, John N!

BLACK MOUNTAIN SPECIAL EDITION-01 Modern Music/02 Don't Run Our Hearts Around/03 Druganaut/04 No Satisfaction/05 Set Us Free/06 No Hits/07 Heart of Snow/08 Faulty Times/09 Druganaut  (Extended Remix)/10 Buffalo Swan/11 Bicycle Man/12 Behind the Fall/13 Set Us Free (Demo)/14 Black Mountain (Demo)/15 No Satisfaction (UK Radio)/16 It Wasn't Arson



  2. Thanks for sharing your life anecdotes. Cool blog!