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Monday, March 28, 2016

Stooges Complete Funhouse Sessions

I'm surprised to learn that I have never put these up before, I don't think they are terribly gotta LOVE you some Stooges to be wanting this, as there are SEVEN (!) discs of rough studio work as well as a bunch of random studio chatter, "Fun House" is one of my fave albums, and to me it is of great interest to get behind the scenes of the creation of that masterpiece.....for some of you, this will be a Godsend, to others, this may sound like an excessive exercise in jibberish....both side would be correct, imo.

This is a TRUE picture of the making of  a classic album.....every mistake, every studio discussion, every EVERYTHING that went down while the Stooges were creating "Fun House" is's highly unlikely that you aim to listen to this on your next long road trip, this is one of those efforts that is FAR more a scholarly/informational effort than something just to kick back to......but when it comes to my fave bands (ala the Stooges), every note is something that interests ME.

OK, dig it, this is ONLY for fans of the DOCUMENTS the making of one of the great albums of the 1970's, I just want to make clear to the dabblers that this is NOT something for you to tap your toes/play "air-guitar" to, this shit is rough, and personally, I find it interesting as hell....I wish I had discs of some of my other fave albums laid out in this manner...

I'm for sure NOT gonna discuss each disc, the track lists below will explain it to you EXACTLY......but if you are a fan of the Stooges, a fan of "making the record" documentation, or even just a fan of "off-the-beaten-path" recordings, I think I would recommend this to you. There are some fine, hard rocking (fuck, it's the goddamn STOOGES shit here, and I hope that this is something that some, at least, of the minions find to be a treasure always, TELL ME what you feel about my posts....I can only make this blog what YOU want it if you give me YOUR input, and I am dead serious.....if you think this post, and posts like it, sucks, then you have no one to blame should you not tell me. Right?

One final warning: When the say "Complete", they are NOT kidding

DISC 1-01 Fun House (Tape Glitch Fragment)/02 Studio Dialogue/03 1970 (Incomplete)/04 Studio Dialogue/05 1970 (Take 1)/06 1970 (Take 2)/07 Studio Dialogue 08 1970 (Take 3)/09 1970 (Take 4)/10 Studio Dialogue/11 Loose (Demo)/12 Studio Dialogue/13 1970 (Take 5)/14 Lose (False Start) (Take 1)/15 Loose (Complete Funhouse Version, Take 2)/16 Down on the Street (Take 1)/17 Studio Dialogue/18 Loose (Take 3)/19 Down on the Street (False Start) (Take 2)/20 Down on the Street (False Start) (Take 3)/21 Studio Dialogue/22 See That Cat (TV Eye LP Version)/23 Studio Dialogue/24 1970 (Take 1)/25 Funhouse (Take 1)/26 Studio Dialogue/27 Lost In the Future (False Start #1)/28 Studio Dialogue/29 Lost In the Future (False Start #2)

DISC 2-01 Lost In the Future (Take 1)/02 Studio Dialogue/03 Lost In the Future (Take 2)/04 Lost in the Future (Take 3)/05 Studio Dialogue/06 Loose (Take 1)/07 Studio Dialogue/08 1970 (Take 1)/09 Loose (Take 2)/10 Loose (False Start) (Take 3)/11 Studio Dialogue/12 Loose (Take 4)/13 Studio Dialogue/14 Loose (Take 5)/15 Studio Dialogue/16 Loose (Take 6)/17 Loose (False Start) (Take 7)/18 Loose (Take 9)/19 Loose (Take 11)/20 Loose (Take 12)/21 Loose (Take 13)/22 Loose (Take 14)/23 Loose (Take 15)/24 Slide (Slidin' the Blues) (Take 1)/25 Studio Dialogue/26 Loose (Take 16)/27 Loose (False Start) (Take 17)/28 Loose (False Start) (Take 18)/29 Loose (Take 19)

DISC 3-01 Loose (Take 20)/02 Studio Dialogue/03 Loose (False Start) (Take 21)/04 Studio Dialogue/05 Loose (Take 22)/06 Studio Dialogue/07 Loose (Take 22)/08 Loose (Take 23)/09 Loose (False Start) (Take 24)/10 Loose (False Start) (Take 25)/11 Studio Dialogue/12 Loose (Take 26)/13 Loose (Disc 27)/14 Down On the Street (Take 1)/15 Down On the Street (Take 2)/16 Down On the Street (Take 3)/17 Down On the Street (Take 4)/18 Studio Dialogue/19 Down on the Street (Take 5)/20 Studio Dialogue/21 Down on the Street (Take 6)/22 Down on the Street (False Start) (Take 7)/23 Down on the Street (Take 8)/24 Down on the Street (False Start) (Take 9)/25 Down on the Street (Take 10)/26 Down on the Street (False Start) (Take 11)/27 Studio Dialogue/28 Down on the Street (False Start) (Take 12)/29 Down on the Street (Take 13)/30 Down on the Street (False Start) (Take 14)/31 Down on the Street (Take 15)

DISC 4-01 TV Eye (Take 1)/02 TV Eye (False Start) (Take 2)/03 Slide (Slidin' The Blues)/04 TV Eye (Take 3)/05 TV Eye (False Start) (Take 4)/06 TV Eye (Take 5)/07 TV Eye (Take 6)/08 Studio Dialogue/09 TV Eye (Take 7)/10 TV Eye (Take 8)/11 Studio Dialogue/12 TV Eye (Take 9)/13 TV Eye (False Start) (Take 10)/14 TV Eye (Take 11)/15 TV Eye (Take 12)/16 TV Eye (Take 13)/17 TV Eye (Take 14)/18 Studio Dialogue/19 1970 (Take 1)/20 Studio Dialogue/21 1970 (Take 2)/22 Studio Dialogue/23 1970 Take 3)

DISC 5-01 1970 (Take 4)/02 Studio Dialogue/03 1970 (Take 5)/04 1970 (False Start) (Take 6)/05
1970 (Take 7)/06 1970 (Take 8)/07 Fun House (False Start) (Take 1)/08 Fun House (Take 2)/09 Fun House (Take 3)/10 Studio Dialogue/11 Fun House (Take 4)/12 Fun House (Take 5)/13 Studio Dialogue/14 Dirt (Take 1)/15 Dirt (take 2)

DISC 6-01 Dirt (Take 3)/02 Studio Dialogue/03 Dirt (Take 4)/04 Dirt (Take 5)/05 Dirt (Take 6)/06 Dirt (False Start) (Take 7)/07 Dirt (Take 8)/08 Dirt (Take 9)/09 Dirt (Take 10)/10 Dirt (False Start) (Take 11)/11 Dirt (Take 12)/12 Freak (Take 1)/13 Freak (Take 2)

DISC 7-01 Down on the Street (Mono Single Edit)/02 1970 (Mono Single Edit

Do you guys like this type of thing, or am I wasting my time? Is this too "scholarly", for lack of a better term? I have always liked this set, found it fascinating as hell, BUT if the readers don't, it does me no good to post stuff like this up......PLEASE comment, as you know, I want to make this blog into something that helps EVERYONE to acquire their PERFECT music collection.....if stuff like this is less interesting to YOU than it is to ME, the only way I'll know that is if you'd tell me.


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  2. I'm quite glad you posted this.

  3. in plain Enlgish you are the MOTHER FUCKING MAN FOR THIS. Thank you. "I'd kiss you right now but i have puke breath" ~Bob McKenzie

  4. Dude I agree with your enthusiasm for one of my favorite bands too (The Stooges). You have exposed me to things that have now become favorites of mine. Things I would have never heard of or listen to without your recommendation Astrosoniq is one that springs to mind immediately. Hell if it wasn't for you I would never have found out about The Masterplan. So dude keep up the good work. As I have said before I check your site daily.

    1. Oh yeah by the way it's me, Jobe I'm away from my other comp, so I had to publish Anon

  5. No - you're not wastin' yr time ! I already have this set but good work on putting it up here.

  6. Another great and worthy upload!

    Suggestion: Pick your personal favorite alternate takes and post them as an album.

  7. Great post, Scott; this is the one Stooges box I haven't heard! And I second orangeopera's suggestion--do you have favorites?! (Somebody posted his pick here:

  8. (Brian here)

    I'll state for the record that I've absorbed this entire thing over the years. I once actually owned Discs 2-6 of this... found in a $5 bin somewhere. I will go so far as to say this is necessary for Stooges fans. Whereas the Raw Power era is documented on dozens of disc with poor sound quality, on this release you can hear them work out their classic album in the studio.

    The 24 takes of "Loose" is a good example. You'd think that's a savage song that they'd just bash out in a few takes, but you hear them hone it till it's killer! My favorite disc has always been the "TV Eye" one. It's my fave Stooges song, and it's a fascinating listen. Ron Asheton's extended solos on the first 8 takes are awesome. Especially check out Take 3. And I've always wondered....why does Iggy do that cough on every take?

  9. What fan wouldn't want to be in the studio when a favorite band records a truly great record? This is the next best thing. Thanks!!