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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The String Quartet: A Tribute to Guns N Roses

Hey, I TRY to get some variety into your life.... The String Quartet, also called The Vitamin String Quartet, has released dozens of these, ie tributes to various rock bands, done up classical style........ there truly isn't a lot for me to say here, the title pretty much says it all..... this is posted pretty much as a lark, enjoy it, ignore it, do what you will do......

I'd like to wish a happy birthday (50th!) to BigCarla66, my one and only, the love of my life and the greatest wife anyone could ever hope for...... last year on her birthday I posted some Bowie discs (her fave), I don't think she's likely heard this one, but since I know she loves the sound of classical music, I think she will like this.

March 30 is ALSO a sad day for me, because my Dad, (BigMike42?) passed away on this day in 1990, at the age of 48...... he was always open to anything musically, he would have loved this also, I think. I miss him, he passed before the explosion of file-sharing/internet music, my GOD he would have loved it.......

Anyway, Dad I hope all is good with you in the afterlife, and again, BigCarla66, I love you more than life itself....... March 30 EVERY year is a happy/sad day, but I will always honor those whom I love, on this blog, with music I think they would like.

A TRIBUTE TO GUNS N ROSES-01 Welcome to the Jungle/02 Sweet Child o Mine/03 Knockin On Heaven's Door/04 Paradise City/05 Don't Cry/06 November Rain/07 Live and Let Die/08 Mister Brownstone/09 Yesterdays/10 Patience/11 14 Years/12 Civil War

Again, Happy Birthday Carla, and RIP Dad........



  2. Happy b'day BigCarla! And R.I.P. BigMike. Scott, you've had two great influences in your life that make you the fine person you are. You are lucky, my friend.

  3. Whoa! I had no idea they made so many of these tributes