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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The delicately named Fuk released, to my knowledge, just one full length, 2011's "New Wave of  British Punk Rock", I see some other singles and stuff, but this CD is the only one I have......reminiscent, to me, more of the 1980's West Coast USA hardcore sound than of classic UK punk, this is kind of half a joke/half a decent album to hear once or twice. Check the band members' names: Cliff Vicious, Gabba, Glueboy, and Hedge Pig.......maybe just a little too "cute" and ambitious, but if you are a fan of the previously mentioned scene (think Germs, Fear, Circle Jerks, et al) you may get a kick out of this one. Certainly not a "classic of the future" by any means, but I've heard worse in my time.......advance with caution!

NEW WAVE OF BRITISH PUNK ROCK-01 Smash Up the Kitchen/02 Instant Depression/03 More Nothing/04 Centre City Shit Kickers/05 Eye See You/06 Carry On Abroad/07 Eaten Alive/08 Bomber Pop Terror/09 Asbo Hitler/10 Sexy War Victim/11 Mean Eyed Girl/12 Asbo Kids/13 PCK

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