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Thursday, March 31, 2016

And So To Bed.......

Like the String Quartet thing of yesterday, there are a WHOLE BUNCH of these, and if someone wants to
DL all of them, I will put them up, but I'm not going to torture you to that degree......I think I once may have posted the Tool version of "Lullabye Renditions", stumbled on the Nirvana version yesterday, and with Nirvana being one of my ten fave bands of them all, I thought I'd contribute this to any parents of young kiddies out there, who want to raise them RIGHT (I talked a while back about my son listening to Mazzy Star when he was In Utero, fetuses today are just SO MUCH luckier......I seriously WOULD use this for a small child's sleep-time music, and there are more on the Bay, a LOT more in fact......but we'll just stick with Nirvana here......Variety. It's what I strive for, and eccentricity.......hell, I know this won't be for everyone, won't be for most, BUT I really do think if you want to instill a great sense of music in your infant, perhaps in 18 or 20 years you will be thanking BigScott (I'm sure I'll be Dead, but it'll be my legacy!)

LULLABY RENDITIONS OF NIRVANA-01 In Bloom/02 Smells Like Teen Spirit/03 Lithium/04 Something In the Way/05 About a Girl/06 On a Plain/07 Heart shaped Box/08 All Apologies/09 Serve the Servants/10 Come As You Are



  2. I've heard the nine inch nails and White Stripes tributes and can confirm they're both pretty good.

  3. I bought a few of these when my son was younger. The Black Sabbath and the Radiohead ones are very good.