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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Jonder contributes You Am I

(Scott) So many submissions that I am unfamiliar with, I am struggling to catch up with hearing all of
them..... Jonder will tell you all you need to know about You Am I here, I carpet bomb-listened to a bit of it earlier and did like what I heard....... plan on giving it a thorough listen this evening....... thanks to Jonder and everyone else, keep sending me stuff, I LOVE discovering new sounds and then sharing them with the few unlucky folks who check this blog once in while (I know that "one blog" that hates me/my blog so much continues to talk shit about me, but there's no hard feelings on this end, I just continue to wonder why they dislike me so much and continue to repost stuff I posted long ago....... it's cool though, anything I post is for ANYONE to use as they please!)

I mentioned in my recent Figgs post that they are my favorite group in the Northern Hemisphere, so here is my favorite band of the Southern Hemisphere -- You Am I.  You Am I has been around for almost three decades (like the Figgs).  Both bands draw from classic rock influences such as the Stones, the Who, and the Kinks, as well as the Replacements.

You might remember hearing "Berlin Chair" from You Am I's debut on college radio or on MTV, but the band never really caught on in the US.  You Am I is hugely successful at home in Australia, and was a major influence on other Australian bands that ironically found greater fame here in America, such as Silverchair, the Vines, and especially Jet.

Singer/guitarist Tim Rogers is a prolific songwriter who has released six solo albums, one of which was recently turned into a play.  Last year, Rogers made an album with Australian funk band The Bamboos, and You Am I recorded their tenth studio album, Porridge & Hotsauce, at Daptone Studio in New York with the Dap-Kings horn section.  

Here are some of my favorite songs by You Am I.  I put them in chronological order with the exception of the first song (Cathy's Clown), because it's always been one of my favorite mixtape openers.  

01 Cathy's Clown/ 02 Berlin Chair/ 03 Trainspottin/ 04 Minor Byrd/ 05 The Applecross Wing Commander/ 06 Purple Sneakers/ 07 Trike/ 08 Mr. Milk/ 09 Rumble/ 10 Heavy Heart/ 11 ...And Vandalism/ 12 Round Ten/ 13 Gasoline For Two/ 14 Satisfied Mind/ 15 Get Up/ 16 Kick A Hole In The Sky/ 17 Crash/ 18 I'm A Mess/ 19 Givin Up And Gettin Fat/ 20 Frightfully Moderne/ 21 The Ocean/ 22 Bon Vivants

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