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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Full Blown Cherry

Hey, you just never know......when I stumbled across something called "A Rockabilly Tribute to the Ramones", I of course thought "this is for me", figuring it had to be in the so-awful-it's essential category, and I was set to torture you kind folks with it.

Know what though? It really is enjoyable to listen to......the simplicity of rockabilly combined with the simplicity of the Ramones actually DOES work, of course it IS still amusing, but far from unlistenable....I find that Full Blown Cherry has also given the world "A Rockabilly Tribute to AC-DC" as well, if I can find that one likely IT may be spectacularly horrible, but this one, not so much........

Just a little something different, if you are a fan of either the Ramones or of rockabilly, this does not insult either of them. The world is often to serious a place, really, and we need more light-hearted throwaways such as this.

A ROCKABILLY TRIBUTE TO THE RAMONES-01 Blitzkrieg Bop/02 Rockaway Beach/03 Sheena Is a Punk Rocker/04 Cretin Hop/05 She's the One/06 Judy Is a Punk/07 The KKK Took My Baby Away/08 Teenage Lobotomy/09 I Wanna Be Sedated/10 Do You Remember Rock n Roll Radio/11 Beat on the Brat/12 Bop Till You Drop



  2. I wasn't sure what the hell to expect and, as it turns out, you were pretty spot on with your appraisal of it. I'm not sure it ever needs to be done again but kind of a fun, oddball, listen. One complaint though, that sax guy on "Sheena" should have been locked out of the studio. Painful at best. But, what the hell, it is something out of the norm so I dig it. Thanks!