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Monday, March 14, 2016

A Reader sends in a Mazzy Star boot!

(SCOTT)- A new (I think) contributor drops a Mazzy Star boot for us to inspect and enjoy.......I've never heard this one, sure will by tomorrow though..........M.D. Milner submits this one, from 1993 Black Session from French Radio.......gonna have to check and see if we can find a track list, be right back!

OK, this MAY be the wrong track list, I'll know more after I listen, but for now this is what I find:

MAZZY STAR 1993 BLACK SESSION-01 Mary Of Silence/02 Ghost Highway/03 She hangs Brightly/04 Bell's Ring/05 Nalah/06 Blue Light/07 Ride It On/08 Into Dust/09 Give You My Lovin'/10 Blue Flower/11 Tonight That I Might See/12 Wasted/13 Rock Session


Thanks to MD Milner, if you figure out that I have the wrong track list before I do, please speak up and I'll fix it!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for this one. I have a bunch of live Mazzy Star from Sugarmegs but they rarely play Wasted. It's such a great song with a weird timing. Awesome