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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Animals Part 3

We've well documented the rise and early years of the Animals, the great hard/rowdy blues of their earlier
albums (fleshed out by the Micky Most box set), and now to wrap this's odd, kinds of, given my normal patterns, but my favorite stuff by the band are the later, more psychedelic albums (I only have 2 bear with me)....

While giving all thanks to John N for the assistance with the links in part2 1-2, these are mine, albums I inherited from my Dad and for whatever reason have always favored over the bluesier stuff.....I am going to guess I am WAAAAAY in the minority on that one, some might even consider it blasphamy.....however, give these a listen, it really DOES sound like a different band (I suspect perhaps drugs may have been involved!)

First up (yes, smart ass I know some of these overlap the Micky Most set) is 1967's "Winds of Change", the bands first stab at "real" psych, and for me its a tremendous success......the cover of "Paint It Black" is fab, "San Franciscan Nights" and "It's All Meat" are great as well, and this is overall a success. The psychedelic groove continues on "The Twain Shall Meet", which features among others, "Monterey" and one of the (imo) all time great psych classics "Sky Pilot" (also a tremendous anti-Vietnam war epic, one of the best).....these are both great albums.

Burdon went on to do more blues related stuff, solo and notably with the band War, and later reuinited the original Animals, but for me this kind of wraps it up nicely.......let me know if any of you prefer these psych-tinged albums over the hard blues of the earlier efforts.....don't get me wrong, I love both, but I bet the older stuff is likely preferred by a 10-1 margin or greater.

WINDS OF CHANGE-01 Winds of Change/02 Poem by the Sea/03 Paint It, Black/04 The Black Plague/05 Yes I Am Experienced/06 San Franciscan Night/07 Man-Woman/08 Hotel Hell/09 Good Times/10 Anything/11 It's All Meat

THE TWAIN SHALL MEET-01 Monterey/02 Just the Thought/03 Closer to the Truth/04 No Self Pity/05 Orange and Red Beams/06 Sky Pilot/07 We Love You Lil/08 All Is One/09 Sky Pilot (Part 1 Single Version)/10 Sky Pilot (Part 2 Single Version)/11 Monterey (single version)

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