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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Let Me Tell Ya Bout Wayne, Again......

Few weeks back I did what I thought at the time was a semi-clever post on the theme of "Jail Guitar Doors" (look it up, links are still good), based on the Clash song of the same name about Wayne Kramer, Pete Green, and Keith Richards......wanted to post an unusual/rare album for each of them.....well, as best laid plans often go awry, I Tunes , for some reason, wouldn't copy my "Hard Stuff" by Wayne Kramer, which was to be the centerpiece of the post......anyway, I don't forget (sometimes I don't), and been playing with ITunes a bit and finally got it to finally, and a bit late, here is the GREAT "The Hard Stuff" a great 1998 release from the one and only Brother Wayne Kramer.......can still rock most kiddies under tha table and have enough juice left to beat thier asses, "Hard Stuff" is fab,,,,,,,,"Crack In the Universe" (tremendous), a reworking of "Poison" (from "High Time"), "Sharkskin Suit".......on an on, this is a GREAST album and I'm sorry I made ya wait so long for it, but it'll be worth note.....on the original CD there is a hidden track, after the last track there are FORTY blank track before the hidden track.....I eliminated all but two, because 1) I hate hidden tracks and 2) didn't feel like copying 38 more blank tracks deal with it! Meantime enjoy this killer of a rock n roll album by one of the true legends of the game!

THE HARD STUFF-01 Crack in the Universe/02 Junkie Romance/03 Bad Seed/04 Poison/05 Realm of the Pirate King/06 Incident on Stock ISland/07 Pillar of Fire/08 Hope For Sale/09 The Edge of the Switchblade/10 Sharkskin Suit/11 Blank/12 Blank/13 Hidden Track


  1. I really liked your Jail Guitar Doors post. Hit us up with a link for Brother Wayne -- we're still waiting!

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  3. Note: when you DL this one the name is wrong, ignore it, I forgot to rename the file it is INDEED Wayne Kramer (not Ennio Morricone)!

  4. Thanks for this great record. Your blog rules!!