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Friday, March 18, 2016


Another interesting link from John N, and, again, another newer always, if  artist/label/anyone else objects to the posting, please notify me and it will be removed with quickness......I can only guess as to whether new bands would prefer the small amount of exposure I can give them, or prefer if I did not.......I enjoyed this album, and think many others would as well, thus the post.

"Warm Places" is the first album from Medication, whom are comprised of members of UK punk greats Leatherface and Canada's Sainte Catherine, it is unfortunate that Leatherface guitar ace Dickie Hammond passed away before the release of this album. Closer, I'd say to the grungy punk of Leatherface than the slamming bar punk of Sainte Catherine, but the influences of each comes through loud and clear for an exciting, rocking album.......2016 is early on, yet, but I expect this might be on my year end list, I liked it that much.

Hammond's guitar work is stellar as ever, and there are ten songs here, most of which do have merit......."Fishing", "The Secret of the Marlins", and "Gods and Glory" are the one that stood out for me,  there are a few slow moments, but over all a pretty fair effort. Please let me know what you think, and thanks once again to link-machine John N!

WARM PLACES-01 Memories of Youth/02 The Secret of the Marlins/03 Gods and Glory/04 Fishing/05 The Last Rainfall/06 Saptor Raptor/07 Sweet and Sour/08 My Friends Will Call/09 Paranoid/10 Stalingrad

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