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Saturday, March 5, 2016

What this blog needs? A bit of Throbbing Gristle!

I think this is the last of 'em, unless someone sends me another 50 or 100                              
albums, which I have no doubt at all exist. This will do it for the extremely generous submission from LoFi Larry, which covers roughly the era of 2005-more or less present, unless there are more recent releases (wouldn't doubt that either).....when I began this thing I was just going to post the 3 or 4 albums I had and forget it, but it kind of took off with a few people, and the DL numbers on these have been good and consistent so it appears that some are grabbing them as soon as they go up.....good, say I, and again, I thinks this is the last of it, but you never can tell with this bunch.

Special thanks to everyone (Brian, Rob, LoFi, sorry if I forgot someone) who submitted stuff for this project and helped to make it so epic, WAY more so than I ever would have anticipated......THANKS so much!
2005 -Untitled 3” CD

01 What a Day/PA Destroyer
2007 -Part Two - The Endless Knot

01 Vow of Silence/02 Rabbit Snare/03 Separated (Chris Carter Solo)/
04 Almost a Kiss/05 Greasy Spoon/06 Lyre Liar/07 Above the Below (Cosey Fanni Tutti solo) /08 Endless Not/09 The Worm Waits Its Turn (Genesis P-Orridge solo)/
10 After the Fall (Peter Christopherson solo)                                          
2008 -Thirty-Second Annual Report

01 Industrial Introduction/02 Slug Bait/03 Slug Bait/04 Slug Bait/05 Maggot Death/06 Maggot Death/07 Maggot Death/
08 After Cease to Exist/09 Zyklon B Zombie                                                 


2009 -The Third Mind Movements

01 The man From Nowhere/02 Premature/03 Secluded/
04 Perception Is the Only Reality/05 Not That I Am/06 The Third Mind (First Movement)/07 The Third Mind (Second Movement)/08 The Third Mind 
(Third Movement)
2010 -Live At Casa De Musica, Portugal 2010                                        

01 X Pad/02 X Vox
2012 -Desertshore/Final Report

DESERTSHORE-01 Janitor of Lunacy/02 Abschied/
03 The Falconer/04 Afraid/05 All That Is My Own/06 
07 Mutterlein/08 Le Petit Chevalier/09 My Only Child/
10 Desertshores

THE FINAL REPORT-01 Statis/02 EHS/03 Breach/04 Um Dum Dom/
05 What He Said/06 In Accord/07 Gordian Knot
Emerge To Space Jazz/08 The End

Thanks for all the help I get, and thanks to EVERYONE who reads, shares, contributes, posts, criticizes, sends death threats, etc, here!


  1. Hell-o Big Scott....

    ...what a great set of posts you have put out these last few months...amazing...this has definitely distinguished you as one of the best blogs out there....thank you the way it's your pal "internet tough hard feelings I hope....keep up the great posts my friend....

    1. Is this the guy (could be wrong) who actually stated (see Gary Glitter post), that I PERSONALLY have "control" over the music played at football games? If so, it's one of the stupidest things anyone has ever said here. If I'm thinking of someone else, sorry (hard to differentiate between Anonymous guests, I'm sure you would agree )