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Sunday, March 13, 2016


Thought this looked interesting, another John N submittal (and PLEASE consider how much work he does to send me dozens of links that I can use, not use, whatever..... very generous) ...anyway, thought this sounded cool (I've read of them, not heard them before).... some European post-punk noise rock, of recent vintage... again, as with all more recent releases, if artists/label wants this removed, say so and it will be done.

So, Savages are singer Jehnny Beth, guitarist Gemma Thompson, bassist Ayse Hassan, and drummer Fay Milton..... Siouxsie and the Banshees blended with more minimalist rock such as PIL was my first impression, both of these albums are good upon carpet bomb-listening, and not exactly Top-40 radio friendly, hell if you're a regular here, I'll almost guarantee these for your pleasure.......

We got LOTS more to come soon, thanks for staying with us and for contributions/requests/comments.......please keep the good, interesting stuff coming, it's what keeps us going.

SILENCE YOURSELF-01 Shut Up/02 I Am Here/03 City's Full/04 Strife.05 Waiting For a Sign/06 Dead Nature/07 She Will/08 No Face/09 Hit Me/10 Husbands/11 Marshal Dear

ADORE LIFE-01 The Answer/02 Evil/03 Sad Person/04 Adore/05 Slowing Down the World/06 I Need Something New/07 When In Love/08 Surrender/09 TIWYG/10 Mechanics

John N even includes a video link for you to visually observe the band, what more do ya want



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