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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sector 27

Seems to me you don't see this one that often, after TRB Tom Robinson recorded as Sector 27, then left that band too, but in his wake he left this decent album, not as good as the classic "Power In the Darkness" of course, but still kind of a quirky late 70's/early 80's period piece that I bet SOME of us have never heard.......TRB shit was great, Sector 27 shit is certainly, at least, of interest.

SECTOR 27-01 Invitation/02 Not Ready/03 Mary Lynne/04 Looking At You/05 Five Two Five/06 Can't Keep Away/07 Total Recall/08 Where Can We Go Tonight/09 take it Or Leave it/10 Bitterly Disappointed/11 One Fine Day

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