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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight Rehearsals

Here's a small bit of weirdness, I guess, pretty cool stuff though.......these are disc of rehearsal tapes from the Soft Boys' greatest album "Underwater Moonlight".....My copy has no track list, and I am not familiar with a few tracks here, so I can't really supply a tracklist, but I do know there are awesome versions here of my faves, the title track and (especially) "Insanely Jealous"......also lots of song fragments and stuff, Robin Hitchcock's singing is in fine form on these sessions, In my estimation.

UNDERWATER MOONLIGHT REHEARSALS-24 Tracks, split but unlabled

A CLASSIC album, this is a fine extra to have if you agree.

Love the Soft Boys (the Egyptians, too) and love to hear any oddities from them!


  1. The first 17 tracks are identical to the tracks on CD2 of the Matador reissue of 'Underwater Moonlight':
    I am stumped by the remaining seven tracks (they include different versions of 'Have a Heart,' 'Wang Dang Pig' ... and a cover of 'Pretty Woman ...). Can anybody help?

  2. Wading through a Ventilator was the first record I had of his. I'll see if I still have it somewhere.