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Friday, April 8, 2016

Banana Moon

Now, HERE is a rare one for you, seems like a good time to drag this one out. Banana Moon were a band formed by guitarist  Daevid Allen after leaving Soft Machine in the early 70's, drummer Marc Blanc, bassist Pete Fontaine, and sometime vocalist Gilly Smith. Confusingly, this also contains some tracks from Gong, whom Allen would later join.....anyway, what we have here is kind of a French Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd light psych, with strange and sad lyrics. This is a hard one to get your mitts on, and I had forgotten all about it..... it's better as a "collectable" than a listen, although, I will say, it certainly has it's moments (see "Pretty Miss Titty" in 3 seperate versions, as well as "Hyp Hypnotise You".......there are remnants of the classic Soft Machine Sound here, as well as, obviously, what would become Gong, it's not coherent in the slightest, but it is interesting and prog/psych fans of the early 1970's Euro-scene should lap this up! Enjoy, and PLEASE let me know your feelings on this!

01 Intro/02 Pretty Miss Titty/03 Rich Girl/04 Un ouef For You/05 My Mother's Gone to India/Hare Krishna/Time of the Green Banana/Remember the Name/06 La belle cerebrale/07 Est-ce que je sues (garcon ou fille)/08 Hyp hypnotise You/09 Goldilox/10 Why Do You Come Knocking at My Door?/11 Rock N Roll Angel/12 Why Are We Sleeping/13 French Garden/14 French Garden/15 Pretty Miss Titty/16 Pretty Miss Titty/17 Gong Song/18 Je ne fume pas des bananes (Pop Club 1968)/19 Je ne fume pas des bananes

Really a pretty obscure one, see what you think and give me a full report!



  2. Pretty obscure... But not for everyone ! Your track listing is from the Daevid Allen / Banana Moon Band cd "Je ne fum' pas des bananes" (1967-69) not the Daevid Allen's Banana Moon LP from 71 (which was in the David Bowie's Top 20 LPs !).
    By the way, Daevid Allen was simply a genius... R.I.P.