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Monday, April 25, 2016

Elvis (Costello) Is Everywhere Part 3

Another batch of deluxe edition Costello release, provided by that "link guy" John I said before, I

don't really care much for ANY of his post-"Armed Forces" efforts, but he certainly has his fans, and to them, these deluxe releases offer a treasure trove of that's why I'm sharing them, as I work my way toward the REAL shit, my large stash of vintage Costello bootlegs, which I'll get to as soon as I'm through with these. So, no commentary from me, as I said, these are albums I really don't like that much, but those boots, when I get to them, are incredible, I SO wish I could have seen him and the Attractions live ca. 1980 or so.....oh well, but you'll see, once I get to those boots, THAT is some incredible listening.

As for now.....

PUNCH THE CLOCK-01 Let Them All talk/02 Everyday I Write the Book/03 The Greatest Thing/04 The Element Within Her/05 Love Went Mad/06 Shipbuilding/07 TKO (Boxing Day)/08 Charm School/09 The Invisible Man/10 Mouth Almighty/11 King Of Thieves/12 Pills and Soap/13 The World and His Wife/14 Heathen Town/15 The Flirting Kind/16 Walking on Thin Ice/17 Town Where Time Stood Still/18 Shatterproof/19 The World and His Wife (live)/20 Everyday I Write the Book (live)

GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD-01 The Only Flame In Town/02 Home Truth/03 Room With No Number/04 Inch By Inch/05 Worthless Thing/06 Love Field/08 The Comedians/09 Joe Porterhouse/10 Sour Milk-Cow Blues/11 The Great Unknown/12 The Deportees Club/13 Peace In Our Time/14 Turning the Town Red/15 Baby It's You (with Nick Lowe)/16 Get Yourself Another Fool/17 I Hope You're Happy Now/18 The Only Flame In Town (Live)/19 Worthless Thing (Live)/20 Motel Matches (Live)/21 Sleepless Nights (Live)/22 Deportee/23 Withered and Died

BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE DISC 1-01 Uncomplicated/02 I Hope You're Happy Now/03 Tokyo Storm Warning/04 Home Is Where You Hang Your Head/05 I Want You/06 Honey Are You Straight Or Are You Blind/07 Blue Chair/08 Battered Old Bird/09 Crimes of Paris/10 Poor Napoleon/11 Next Time Round/12 Seven Day Weekend/13 Forgive Her Anything/14 Blue Chair/15 Baby's Got a Brand New hairdo/16 American Without Tears No. 2 (Twilight Version)/17 A Town Called Big Nothing (Really Big Nothing)/18 Return To Big Nothing


And just a note......I already said I don't like these albums. Think this through, least they are HERE.....I can REALLY live without, at this time in particular, the segment (a small one) out there who enjoys calling names and ranting and raving if I happen to dislike something they like, or vice versa. My point is NOT to always post stuff that I personally like.....My point is to post what I think will generate interest, for whatever reason. I had been thinking of putting up all of my spectacular Costello boots for a while, and this seemed like a good lead in for it....the fact that I don't care for them, especially, should really have no bearing on you. Live and let live, like I said AT LEAST I put them up, right? And, notice, i DID NOT make fun of them, as I do with many albums I post and don't especially like. 


  1. PUNCH


    BLOOD D1

    BLOOD D2

  2. Thanks scott for the way that coathangers album is a cracker of an album.i have anothere fav band thanks to you.take care and all the best.

  3. Many thanks for these EC classics!
    (I've got an old cd of Blood&C, looking fwd to hear the extended stuff.)

  4. He lost me after "Goodbye Cruel World." Still, it's neat to hear the non-LP stuff I didn't buy at the time. Thanks.