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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mexican Moustache

And the link submissions from John N just keep on coming (a GREAT thing)....this time, an LP, and EP, and a demos set from Mexican Moustache, who are (imo) a fairly hilarious troup, attempting to sound like the Ramones..... actually, it's not too bad if you get past their hilarious attempt to sing in English (QUITE obviously not thier first language)..... nonetheless, this is rock n roll, as I've said before, all part of a spiderweb/jigsaw puzzle..... you like 70's punk, the Ramones, stuff from outside the US? take a shot, what have you to lose?

DEMOS FROM TRASHVILLE-01 Ready For Action/02 La Noche Del Cazador/03 Not Your Way/04 Money/05 Rubia Siniestra/06 I'm Sick/07 Mummies (Falling Down the Street)/08 Surfin' In Uranium

MEXICAN MOUSTACHE (EP)-01 Unga Unga/02 Swamp Thing/03 Pobre NinIfa/04 La Noche Del Cazador/05 Rubia Siniestra

MEXICAN MOUSTACHE (LP)-01 Ready For action/02 Adrenalin/03 Not Your Way/04 Useless/05 Karnaphuli/06 Shake It/07 Go Chica Go/08 Pronto Me Odiaras/09 Antes del Alba/10 Santa Muerte/11 El Mirador/12 La Demencia/13 Chica Canibal/14 Rubia Siniestra/15 Depresion/16 El Final

As usual with the submissions of John N, this one I was not familiar with.....found it worth a spin, though, and
I'm always grateful when someone hands off some new sounds to me, that is what we are about here.....see what you think, and please leave a comment if you like/hate this!


  1. Demos



  2. A fun little garage punk band, I shared this set at TZ last month. Despite the name, they were actually from Spain if anyone is wondering.