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Friday, April 8, 2016


While I'm in an obscure late 1960's psych-rock groove, let me present one album wonders Mephistopheles, who produced but the single album "In Frustration I Hear Singing".....this is a so-so effort for the era, not one of the hard rocking, metalic-psych albums of that era which I enjoy so much, but more along the stranger, hippie-psych which was more prevelant at the time.

Some decent fuzz guitar and drum rolls here and there give it psych-cred, and there are so fair to solid songs: The title track, "Take a Jet", "Vagabond Queen", "Collections".....pure period piece, for my dough there is an AWFUL song here, just not a true standout, either......commectors of 60's psych raritites (ie if you grabbed "Bananamoon") this is one more for your stash. Not bad, and likely something you havent heard before.

IN FRUSTRATION I HEAR SINGING-01 Take  A Jet/02 Collections/03 Dead Ringer/04 Vagabond Queen/05 Do Not Expect a Garden/06 In Frustration I Hear Singing/07 Make Up Your Mind/08 Searching In the Night/09 The Cricket Song/10 Sleeping Deeply/11 The Girl Who Self-Destroyed/12 Elizabeth

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