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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Vendetta Red

From Seattle and perhaps the first band I can recall being called "post grunge", I have but their two major
label releases, they also had a couple of small-label releases and a handfull of  EP's , none of which I have ever heard and cannot find online, and these are a few things I really like to hear if any of you happen to have em.....

"Between the Never and the Now" was released in 2003, pretty good (and well received at the time) alt-rock, especially good lyrical content. "Shatterday" was released as a single and is a highlight, and "Opiate Summer", "Accident Sex", and "Ambulence Chaser" are all excellent songs that for me sounded pretty radio-ready, but don't recall much airplay for them, could be flawed in my memory of that though.

They followed up two years later with "Sisters of the Red Death", which I like even better.....somewhat simpler song structures and still sharp lyrics and vocals from Zachary Davis.....the opening track is called "Vendetta Red Cried Rape on Their Date With Destiny", and it's a winner.....there is a sort of sci-fi-ish /horror concept going on here, I've read about it a few times and really don't want to go into it that much (ie it;s kind of dumb, actually, but that doesn't detract from a damn good batch of tunes.) Besides the fab opening track, other standout songs here are "Joyless Euphoria", "Shiver" and "The Great Castration", and I'm sure I could probably get with the "concept" if I felt it were necessary......still a good album though, medium-hard rocking alt/pop tunes, or, as dumb as the term may sound, "post grunge".......I guess so, but two pretty good (3 star for "Between", 3.5 for "Sisters" ) releases.

BETWEEN THE NEVER AND THE NOW-01 There Only Is/ 02 Stay Home/03 Opiate Summer/ 04 Seconds Away/05 Shatterday/06 Accident Sex/07 Caught You Like a Cold/08 Suicide Party/09 Lipstick Tourniquets/10 Ambulence Chaser/11 Por Vida/12  PS Love the Black

SISTERS OF THE RED DEATH-01 Vendetta Red Cried Rape on Their Date With Destiny/02 The Body and the Blood/03 A Dark Silhouette/04 Shiver/05 In Lieu of Dead Brides/06 Silhouette Serenade/07 The Ballet/08 The Great Castration/09 Gloria/10 Run/11 Coital Improv/12 A Joyless Euphoria

These albums seem to have been forgotten about fairly quickly, I really like both of them a good bit, perhaps you will as well, and if you happen to have any of the earlier stuff, I'd love to hear it, I guess a handful of the tracks on "Between" are re-workings of stuff on one of the small label releases.

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