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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Couple of fine EP's from The Entrance Band

These were also sent to me by the link machine John N, I was not familiar with them, but these are a pair of
amazing guitar freakout psych jams.......this band is the mastermind of Guy Blakeslee of Baltimore, and this is some fine shit.....LOVE to hear the rest of their work, but for now, these are really great.....there is a LOT of music in the world, I'm always wishing I could hear all of it (at least the good shit), and it's always incredible to find something (once again) that is right up your alley, and was right under your nose.....thanks to John N for turning me onto The Entrance Band, they will certainly be a subject of further research for me, as I simply adore this kind of psychotic guitar jam freakouts.......much love to you brother!

FINE FLOW-01 Fine Flow/02 In the Key of the Sea/03 Hands In the Shape of a Wave (In Loving memory of Yan Burdzinski)/04 Summertime

LATITUDES-01 New Orleans/02 Requim For Juicy/03 Last Kind Words

You WANT these....take me at my word......tomorrow I will begin searching for their "proper' albums, this is GREAT shit here.

Thanks again to John N, and PLEASE everyone please continue to submit the stuff that we need the rest of the world to's our DUTY! Except for the band Tender Age, they already have enough listeners and do not wish to gain any more, which is fine.

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