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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sleepy Sun

Been meaning to get to this for a while, some good psych from Santa Cruz CA. Originally Sleepy Sun were vocalists Bret Constantino and Rachel Fannan, guitarists Mat Holliman and Evan Reiss, bassist Jack Allen, and drummer Brian Tice.....Fannan left after the album "Fever".

All four albums here, with Fannan or without, feature good old trippy-hypnotic psychedelia, I prefer the earlier two with Fannan, but all four are worth a listen.

The  debut (2008) "Embrace" is perhaps the best, centered around a couple of long pieces, "Sleepy Son" and "White Dove", but the whole thing is really quite good and quite cohesive. perhaps even better is "Fever", probably the best known of the four, with the fine tracks "Marina" and "Sand Storm Woman", this also includes a pair of EP tracks tacked onto the end as a bonus.

After the departure of Fannan, they released "Spine Hits"......the sound does change a bit without female vocals, but it's not a disaster, shorter songs such as "Stivey Pond" and "Siouxsie Blaqq" standout.....the most recent release (of which I am aware) is 2014's "Maui Tears", centered around it's long, hypnotic title's not a bad effort at all either, making them 4-4.

I like this band a good bit, see what you think, it really does take the traditional 60's psych sound and modernize it, to good effect......give a listen and an opinion please...

EMBRACE-01 New Age/02 Lord/03 Red Black/04
Sleepy Son/05 Golden Artifact/06 White Dove/07 Snow Goddess/08 Duet With the Northern Sky

FEVER-01 Marina/02 Rigamaroo/03 Wild Machines/04 Ooh Boy/05 Acid Love/06 Desert God/07 Open Eyes/08 Freedom Line/09 Sand Storm Woman/10 Horses/11 Sleepy Son (Live)/12 The Chain (Live)

SPINE HITS-01 Stivey Pond/02 She Rex/03 Siouxsie Blaqq/04 Creatures/05 Boat Trip/06 VOG/07 Martyr's Mantra/08 Still Breathing/09 Yellow End/10 Deep War/11 Lioness (Requiem)

MAUI TEARS-01 The Lane/02 Words/03 Everywhere Waltz/04 Outside/05 1132/06 Thielbar/07 Slowdown/08 Galaxy Punk./09 Maui Tears


  1. embrace




  2. Good to have you back Scott. Hope you feeling better.....

  3. I liked ALL 4 of these releases. The 3rd album, Spine Hits, was an interesting progression after the first two, but Maui Tears was a stunner. It seems they have their sound or is it just they use the same ideas over and again. Regardless, a 1-2-3-4-at-once goodie. Thanks.