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Thursday, April 7, 2016


Hey, you know I love my spacey stoner rock, if bands such as Tender Age and Desert Mountain Tribe wish not to be included in my attempts to garner them a larger audience, that's fine, really, there are always going to be 100 more that want the an example, the band Soaria contacted me today, and are sending me some stuff, I love thier single "Electrocutioner" which gets heavy play on XM-Sirius #21, and they UNDERSTAND what we are about here....I am by NO MEANS about (despite the accusations of Tender Age), getting "free shit" for people, rather, I am about EXPOSING good bands.....this blog has a FAIRLY decent following, and if I expose a band to some new audiences, it seems to me that that is a good thing....basically, I am saying that for the most part, start-up bands need me FAR more than I need them, and if they do not wish to be featured here, say the word, you will be dropped like a hot potato, it's not an issue for me.....I just think that said bands need to think about the fact that I had to get their work from SOMEWHERE, ie, it's already OUT THERE.....your gripes with me, while they will be readilly resolved, will do you more harm than they do me for certain. I am IN YOUR CORNER, if you realize this too late, I am truly sorry.

So, off the we go with another good spacey-stoner-rock band, Philadelphia's Spacin'....sorry, not sure who sent this to me, if it wasn't the band themselves (often it is), and there is an issue, blah, blah, I will remove it, but upon first listen, I really enjoyed this 2016 release, entitled "Total Freedom".....guitarist/vocalist Jason Killinger, guitarist Paul Sukeena, bassist Sean Hamilton, and drummer Eva Killinger whip up a fine fuzzed-out stew of spacey stoner rock, this is one you MUST hear, likely one of the best releases of 2016, IMO........again, I don't know the band's attitude toward sharing, if there is an issue of course it will be removed, SO JUMP ON IT QUICK, you want to hear/enjoy this one, it's great!

TOTAL FREEDOM-01 Over Uneasy/02 Kensington Real/03 Human Condition/04 Titchy/05 Stopping Them/06 Bent Into Shape/07 Batfolk/08 US Ruse/09 Total Freedom

A damn fine album here, likely a"top ten" entrance at the end of the year.....check this while you can (in case there is an issue), this one is HIGHLY recommended by moi!



  2. Never quit been sure what qualifies as stoner rock, but your comments on this caught my attention. I've got to give it a listen. As for the soapbox, there is no way I could possibly afford to buy/pay for every new band/release I'd like to give a listen to. If I can hear it from you I can decide if it's a band I can find a way to afford. Many thanks.