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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Elvis (Costello) Is Everywhere Part 4

These will be the last of the Costello deluxe edition releases, unless someone opts to send me more of
them....these are the last of the batch sent to me by the "link machine", John N, which, in wrapping these up, will allow me to get to my fab stack of Costello bootlegs, all from, say, 1978-81 or so, and great great great, so when you see "Part 5" of this go up (NO IDEA when that will be), make sure and check those out.

As for these albums, as I've stated before, I don't care for them, or much of anything he did post-"Armed Forces", but no question some people do, and it is for them that these are here. Enjoy them, or disregard them, or whatever, just don't miss the next part, because those boots are SMOKING.

KING OF AMERICA DISC 1-01 Brilliant Mistake/02 Lovable/03 Our Little Angel/04 Don't let Me Be Misunderstood/05 Glitter Gulch/06 Indoor Fireworks/07 Little Palaces/08 I'll Wear It Proudly/09 American Without Tears/10 Eisenhower Blues/11 Poisoned Rose/12 The Big Light/13 Jack of All Parades/14 Suit of Lights/15 Sleep of the Just/16 The People's Limousine/17 They'll Never Take Her Love From me/18 Suffering Face/19 Shoes Without Heels/20 King of Confidence

KING OF AMERICA DISC 2-01 That's How You Got Killed Before (Live 1986)/ 02 The Big Light (Live 1986)/03 It Tears Me Up (Live 1986)/04 The Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line (Live 1986)/05 Your Mind Is on Vacation-Your Funeral and My Trial (Live 1986)/06 That's How You Got Killed Before (Live 1986)

SPIKE DISC 1-01 "...This Town..."/02 Let Him Dangle/03 Deep Dark Truthful Mirror/04 Veronica/05 God's Comic/06 Chewing Gum/07 Tramp the Dirt Down/08 Stalin Malone/09 Satellite/10 Pads, Paws and Claws/11 Baby Plays Around/12 Miss Macbeth/13 Any King's Shilling/14 Coal-Train Robberies/15 last Boat Leaving

SPIKE DISC 2-01 Miss Macbeth (demo)/02 "...This Town..." (demo)/03 Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (demo)/04 Coal Train Robberies (demo)/05 Satellite (demo)/06 Pads, Paws, and Claws (demo)/07 Let Him Dangle (demo)/08 Veronica (demo)/09 Tramp the Dirt Down (demo)/10 Baby Plays Around (demo)/11 Put Your Big Toe in the Milk of Human Kindness (demo)/12 Last Boat Leaving (demo)/13 The Ugly Things (B-Side)/14 You're No Good (B-Side)/15 Point of No Return (B-Side)/16 The Room Nobody Lives In (B-Side)/17 Stalin Malone (version with recitation)


  1. KING D1

    KING D2

    SPIKE D1

    SPIKE D2

  2. Thanks for all the EC - looking forward to those "smoking boots!"