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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Super Deluxe Edition of a True Classic

The three disc Super Deluxe Edition of the Velvet Underground's "White Light White Heat" is a must for any fan of the Velvets, whom of course are one of my very favorite bands. Lots of GREAT stuff here, quite a bit previously unreleased, and in case you've always wondered, the mono mix of the original album... this is  favorite album of mine, "Sister Ray", "I Heard Her Call My Name", "The Gift".... there's even an instrumental version of "The Gift", oddly enough.... can't say how long this one will remain here, so if interested I'd move quickly. The track list below will clue you in as to what goodies are here.

DISC 1-01 White Light/White Heat/02 The Gift/03 Lady Godiva's Operation/04 Here She Comes Now/05 I Heard Her Call My Name/06 Sister Ray/07 I Heard Her Call My Name (Alternate Take)/08 Guess I'm Falling In Love (Instrumental Version)/09 Temptation Inside Your Heart (Original Mix)/10 Stephanie Says (Original Mix)/11 Hey Mr. Rain (Version 1)/12 Hey Mr. Rain (Version 2)/13 Beginning to See the Light (Early Version)

DISC 2-01 White Light White Heat (Mono)/02 The Gift (Mono)/03 Lady Godiva's Operation (Mono)/04 Here She Comes Now (Mono)/05 I Heard Her Call My Name (Mono)/06 Sister Ray (Mono)/07 White Light/White Heat (Mono Single Mix)/08 Here She Comes Now (Mono Single Mix)/09 The Gift (Vocal Version)/10 The Gift (Instrumental Version)

DISC 3-01 Booker T (Live In NYC)/02 I'm Not a Young Man Anymore (Live in NYC)/03 Guess I'm Falling In Love (Live In NYC)/04 I'm Waiting For the Man (Live In NYC)/05 Run Run Run (Live In NYC)/06 Sister Ray (Live In NYC)/07 The Gift (Live In NYC)

A great one, obviously.


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