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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Love Sculpture (early Dave Edmunds)

As I said above, Love Sculpture were the early band of Dave Edmunds (Rockpile).....he teamed with drummer Rob Jones and bassist John David to release a pair of albums, only one of which I have or have ever even heard....another of those "more interesting than listenable" efforts (although, by no means, unlistenable), the band basically recorded their take on various blues standards, with an original thrown in here and there for good measure.

The album in question here is the debut, "Blues Helping", from 1968. They take on material from Ray Charles, Willie Dixon, Slim Harpo and more, with one Edmunds original, the title track (really pretty good, guitar dominated blues instro).....the blues numbers are fairly rocking, for the most part, and, are like the title track, dominated by Edmunds solid blues guitar and, oh, let's be kind here, "adequate" vocals......really, for some solid guitar licks, check out "Stumble", "On the Road Again, the title track, and most of the album actually.

They later recorded and released an effort entitled "Forms and Feelings", which, unless my memory is faulty, I have never heard a note of, rendering me obviously unable to comment.....if anyone happens to have one, we can take a listen to it, I'm guessing its similar to this album, but you never know.

Pretty solid effort here, actually, as for today, at least for right now, I stay in a 1960's groove......gotta run out and do something real quickly, be back soon and who knows what I'll feel like posting then? And, Brian has a new compilation that he's been working on that we'll get put up this afternoon as well, and you won't want to miss it....not gonna tell you what it is, but it's timely and, as always, well done, I'll let you chew on that for a while.

Again, the reason for the heavy posts this week is I am supposed to return to work next week which will curtail my posting schedule, likely back to 2-3 times a for now, enjoy the many posts, you folks are worth it.

BLUES HELPING-01 Stumble/02 Three O'Clock Blues/03 I Believe To My Soul/04 So Unkind/05 Summertime/06 On the Road Again/07 Don't Answer the Door/08 Wang Dang Doodle/09 Come Back Baby/10 Shake Your Hips/11 Blues Helping

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