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Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Firebirds

This really OUGHT TO BE an awful's not. A collection of anonymous session musicians, set out to make a Cream/Hendrix/Blue Cheer inspired hard acid album.....problem is, in albeit in it's dated state, it fucking ROCKS HARD!....some of the nastiest guitar you could ever imagine, grimy, sludgy, Blue Cheer-like......almost sounds like Tony Iommi trying to play "fast" if you can imagine THAT. "No Tomorrows" is the high point, but don't forget the infamous solo trio, "Free Bass", "Free Drums", and "Free Fuzz"...that bass player in nowhere NEAR skilled enough to pull off a solo, and hilarity ensues! Altogether a fun album to listen to, and rocks mercilessly.

LIGHT MY FIRE-01 Warm Up/02 Reflections/03 By Baby/04 Free Bass/05 Free Drum/06 Free Fuzz-Gypsy Fire/07 No Tomorrows/08 Light My Fire