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Monday, April 4, 2016

Tender Age

Here is a paste of an email I received from SINIS Recordings, evidently the label on which this was released:


Thanks for the spirit of sharing and enthusiasm, however this is in direct violation to the copyright of this release. Normally we let this stuff slide when we're granted the courtesy of being asked in-advance. Our goal isn't to suppress supporters of music - simply looking for a little consideration. When we see this being spread with the phrase "Why Pay?", this undermines the value of the art, artists, and record label - all of whom work full-time jobs (in some cases multiple jobs) to be able to afford to release music.

Additionally, if you listen to the cassette version you'll notice there's actually extra recorded material - which was intended as a bonus for the people who actually support the band. Your inability to see it's necessity is perhaps a limitation of your actual time spent listening to it, thoughtfully? Please remove the download link and zip file on the file-sharing site you use, as well as posts you've made on social media with the link and suggesting "Why Pay?".

This request is a courtesy - one which was not offered to the band or the label when you neither asked for permission to post it illegally nor gave the proper credit where people could learn more about the band. In the future, if you'd like to help give SINIS releases additional exposure, please contact us and we can work together on how to do it in a way that is mutually beneficial. 

As any of you who are regular visitors here are already aware, it has NEVER been an issue for me when an artist prefers his/her/their work not be given additional exposure. This was handled correctly by the offended party in this case, to simply ASK, rather than make threats/throw tantrums, etc, which as we all know has been the preferred method of some. This has been removed, no harm no foul (total number of downloads thusfar: 22, considerably fewer than average for a post within the first 24 hours. I would request that the 22 DL'ers please delete the file from your computer as well.

There are mixed feelings among artists on this type of exposure, neither of which is "right" or "wrong" an example, I was contacted today by the band Soaria, who sent me a copy of their/her latest work and requested that I post it (coming soon).....of course, others such as Lennon Murphy, Nikki Corvette, Marytre, Frightwig, et al, have expressed their fondness for the blog and also expressed their eagerness to gain additional listeners from this type of exposure. And, it's ALL fine......if a band/artist prefers fewer people be aware of their efforts, rather than MORE, that is fine by me.

However, I would take issue with one point......I defy this person to show me any example of myself using "social media" to use the phrase "why pay?".......I don't recall ever having posted that ANYWHERE. "Why pay?" has NEVER been my position, and, unless I am being confused with someone else, I have NO CLUE why this offended party would make such a statement. Of course copyright laws exist......but there are also moral and ethical standards which do not deal with legality, such as being honest and above board. If one reads the original post, I am perfectly clear about my feelings should anyone take offense at being shared......ask, and it will be removed. This is reasonable. Unreasonable to attribute a phrase such as "why pay?" when I have simply never made such a suggestion, NEVER. The fact that this band prefers not to gain exposure in this manner is their issue, not mine, but I would prefer to not be falsely accused of something which is actually completely contradictory to my true feelings.

There you have it. It's been removed. I have also requested that any of the 22 downloaders dispose of it, which of course I have no power to enforce. Simply stated, there is no point in arguing about these 22 more people have heard of Tender Age than yesterday.......which I would, were I in there position, would consider a small positive.

I do not wish to offend is my preference to deal with the sector of the musical world that is grateful (see partial roster of same above) for the type of exposure that I give.

OK, Tender Age, I honored your request. Now, are you willing to take 5 minutes to tell me where I ever suggested that "Why pay?" is my policy, my belief, or my statement? I doubt it highly, and of course, they are under no obligation to do so.......I wish them well, and I hope they are successful in having the EP in question removed from the internet altogether, if that is their supposed desire. After all, I had to get it from somewhere, correct? (it is noted in the original post exactly where it came from, and a one minute search revealed 5 other sources from where I could have received it, should I desire so. Anyway, I wish them the best of luck, I am sure it will be an uphill battle to have this material COMPLETELY removed from the web, that simply isn't how the world operates anymore.

Cheers and best of luck, best wishes to Tender Age. They handled their complaint in the proper manner, and, I assume, they will be be quite happy with the expedience with which their complaint was dealt with. I wonder, however, if they will be as expedient in revealing to me any statement that I have made, personally, that echoes the sentiment "why pay?".......I tend to believe that that effort will not be made. Nonetheless, good health to you and yours!


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  2. IMAGINE MY SHOCK! WHAT ARE THE INCALCULABLE ODDS? The great Tender Age HAS NOT honored my request that they show evidence of my stating "Why Pay?" ANYWHERE....KNOW WHY/ because I FUCKING NEVER SAID IT.

  3. What? ANOTHER day and the legends that are Tender Age DON'T point out where I even remotely suggested I ever said "why pay?"......shocked. I am simply stunned.

  4. Oh my.....yet ANOTHER day passes, and the incredible Tender Age STILL refuses to back up their (totally false) allegations about me? Hey....just knock me over with a feather,will ya?

  5. i never would have known of the band tender age if it wasn't for this blog. I am always keen to learn about new bands/experience new music. I know i could find their stuff if i looked hard enough, but because of their atitude/their label's attitude and slander against you big scott, i'm not even going to wikipedia them or youtube them etc. Fuck 'Em, they can remain obscured.

  6. I can't help but wonder, does the band itself know what's going on here? I grew into music listening (I am not a musician) in the mid 1960's and almost from day one heard stories about record labels/execs taking advantage of their bands. I have no idea what the relationship between this band and their label is. I'd hate to be accusing the band of this if, in fact, the lawyer for their label is responsible, on behalf of the label, not the band. My view of the music business is as a listener & reader. What do I know? But I would not want the band members held at fault if that is not actually the case. I guess my natural inclination is to suspect the lawyers first.


    1. You could very well be right, but it's taken down regardless, which equals less exposure for them......their problem, not mine