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Friday, April 1, 2016

Jonder Presents Hypnolovewheel (Part 1)

(Scott)-Leave it to Jonder to continue sending me stuff I've never heard of, which, as I always say is a
WONDERFUL thing....I haven't had a chance to listen to these yet, but I will in the next few days, sounds good to me....for now I'll let him talk you through it though.

A file sharer named Zuiop recently posted the debut Hypnolovewheel album (Turn! Turn! Burn!), which reminded me of how much I love this New York alternative rock band from the 80s/90s.    

As the critic Byron Coley wrote in Trouser Press, "Hypnolovewheel carry a kinda avant-garage ethos into all sorts of unexpected places. Refusing to be pinned down to any one stylistic board, the group wiggles around through a wide array of psychedelic pop, punk and garage-mush puddles... When they come up with something that's potentially too catchy, Dave Ramirez and Steve Hunking bury it under a small load of six-string noise."  That last sentence -- plus a comparison to the Embarrassment -- sold me on the band.

Someone (probably Coley) wrote in Spin, "They've taken 20 years of rock & roll history and broken every riff, drum roll, bassline and melody they could get their hands on, then reassembled the whole schlemiel with all the finess of a 3-year-old building a model airplane.  To Hypnolovewheel, all the world's a playpen and they're the brats who own the place."

Hypnolovewheel released five albums.  The band broke up around 1995.  

Turn! Turn! Burn! (1988) -
Candy Mantra (1990) -
Space Mountain (1991) -
Angel Food (1992) -
Altered States + Peace Of Mind EP (1993) -

"Wow" music video:
"I Dream Of Jeannie" video:


  1. Glad you like em! Thanks to Zuiop for Turn Turn Burn. Candy Mantra is my vinyl rip, and the rest are from cd's.

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  3. they were really good live when I saw them open for Kitchens of Distinction once in a small club in Long Beach, CA -- don't have but one, so thanks.