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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rare Stooges

The other day when posting the early Iggy Pop solo albums, I remembered that long ago I had a 45 rpm of a totally slamming song, "Gimme Some Skin".....I have no idea what ever happened to it and asked for assistance in the comment section.....Mr. Dave comes through this time, providing a crispy copy of the EP "I'm Sick of You".

Aside from "Gimme Some Skin", this also includes the awesome title track (believe it or not, I had forgotten completely about this tune), and other stuff like "Tight Pants" and "I Got a Right".....I don't think I've ever owned a copy of this one, actually, so I'm guessing it is fairly hard to obtain.

Thanks a million to Mr. Dave for this one, any Stooges fan will want to have this one on the shelf!

I'M SICK OF YOU-01 I'm Sick of You/02 Tight Pants/03 I Got a Right/04 Johanna/05 Consolation Prizes/06 The Scene of the Crime/07 Gimme Some Skin/08 Jesus Loves the Stooges

Thanks again to Mr.Dave, this is a great submission!



  2. Thank you BigScott62 & Mr. Dave. I've never heard this one myself.

  3. Hi. Looks like most of these songs come from the Olympic Studio sessions (London '72) available on the Heavy Liquid box set. Consolation Prizes and Johanna are Kill City-era stuff.

  4. Hey, much thanks for your shares!