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Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Doors (Part 4 of MANY)

Three more live sets from The Doors, all from July of 1968. First up a 2 disc set, "Live at the Hollywood Bowl", 7/5/68, the "riot show"... excellent sound quality on this one, I think (am I right or wrong?) part if not all of this was released as a legitimate commercial recording? I do believe so, I don't know how much of it, but this one includes the original radio spots.

Next up a show from Dallas 7/9/68......VERY poor sound on this one, just depends if you want to mass-accumulate all of them.....for your pure listening pleasure, not really the choice here.

And let's wrap today's Doors extravaganza with a better-sounding set from Seattle, 7/12/68......a version of "Roadhouse Blues" opens the set, must have been a fairly early version since it didn't appear on record until 1970.

Anyway, here is another batch, I PROMISE when I am finished you are going to be sick sick sick of the Doors.......

HOLLYWOOD BOWL DISC 1-01 When the Music's Over/02 Whiskey Bar/03 Back Door Man/04 Five to One/05 Moonlight Drive/06 The Celebration of the Lizard/07 Spanish Caravan/08 Wake Up/09 Light My Fire/10 Unknown Soldier/11 The End/12 When the Music's Over (Credits)

HOLLYWOOD BOWL DISC 2-01 Wake Up/02 Light My Fire/03 Unknown Soldier/04 A Little Game/05 The Hill Dwellers/06 Spanish Caravan/07 Light My Fire (short version)/08 Hollywood Bowl Radio Spot

DALLAS-01 Soul Kitchen/02 Back Door Man/03 Five To One/04 Break On Through/05 The Crystal
Ship/06 Texas Radio and the Big Beat/07 Hello I Love You/08 Moonlight Drive/09 Money/10 When the Music's Over/11 Wake Up/12 Light My Fire

SEATTLE-01 Roadhouse Blues/02 Someday Soon-Harvest Moon/03 Mystery Train/04 Break On Through/05 Five to One/06 Back Door man/07 The End/08 When the Music's Over

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