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Saturday, April 30, 2016


Thanks to John N for this most interesting submission. I was not familiar with Skywave, a bit of research,
however, tells me that their bassist, Oliver Ackerman, after leaving this band, would form one of my favorite noise rock bands of the last few years, A Place to Bury Strangers, so I was happy to check out the "roots" of that great band.

Rounding out the Skywave lineup were drummer John Fedowitz and guitarist/vocalist Paul Baker. They released a handful of albums in the late 1990's, if any of you happen to have any of them, this is one I would REALLY like to hear, so please share if you can (they hailed from Fredericksburg Virginia)....

What we have here is a recent compilation, "Killerrocknroll", which includes a variety of tracks from throughout their period of activity. just tremendous, in my opinion, as I said, I would love to hear more....the seeds of A Place to Bury Strangers are unquestionably here, but the most obvious reference point is The Jesus and Mary Chain. Really great stuff, would LOVE to hear some more of this, this is one of those that I wish I had heard years ago.

Again, if anyone has any vintage Skywave, PLEASE make a generous submission, this is my kind of "Killerrocknroll" right here.

KILLERROCKNROLL-01 Don't Say Slow/02 Without You/03 Tsunami/04 Over and Over/05 Here She Comes/06 Nothing/07 Sanddune/ 08 Don't Say Goodbye/09 Angela's an Angel/10 Got That Feeling/11 Summertime/12 It's In Your Eyes/13 All I Had/14 Kiss

Thanks again to John N for turning me onto this one, and if ONCE AGAIN, anyone having any of this stuff on the shelf, this would be a GREAT share/submission!



  2. yes, one member went to A Place to Bury Strangers. But there are two other bands of note: one is Ceremony, and another is Static Daydream. Both good.