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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Jonder presents Hypnolovewheel Part 2

Scott-Following up last weeks' profile of Hypnolovewheel, Jonder sheds more light on the band and their legacy.... thanks a million to him for this fab submission!

After Hypnolovewheel broke up, singer/guitarist Dan Cuddy and drummer Peter Walsh formed a band called The Special Pillow that has released four albums (the latest in 2014).  Dave Ramirez played with the bands King Missile and Dump.  Ramirez and Stephen Hunking have released solo material.  Cuddy and Hunking now play together in a band called the XL Kings.  

The members of Yo La Tengo are big fans of Hypnolovewheel, and the band has reunited for a few shows at YLT's request.  YLT bassist James McNew recorded a cover of "Living On The Moon" for his side project, Dump.  Yo La Tengo covered The Special Pillow's "Automatic Doom" on the 2015 albumStuff Like That There.  

Below is a collection of stray Hypnolovewheel tracks that I've titled Psychohatesquare.  It includes two EP's, two singles, and three compilation tracks.  Hypnolovewheel covers Love, Donovan, George Harrison, and... Adam Ant.   The Sybil EP was a double 7" and each band member had his own side.  "Side Dan" was essentially the debut of The Special Pillow's lineup.  

Also below is a scan of a Hypnolovewheel comic book that came with the Space Mountain LP.  Thanks to spavid from Wilfully Obscure (for sharing the Sybil EP) and to Zuiop (for sharing Turn! Turn! Burn!)   My deep admiration and gratitude goes out to Hypnolovewheel for all the weird and wonderful music they made.

Hypnolovewheel Comic:

Stephen Hunking:
The Special Pillow: 

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