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Thursday, April 14, 2016


Again John N steps up and presents a good one, this being the complete Bowie "Earthling" set. Starting off with the actual "Earthling" album (ca.1997), it really is a good set, I embarassed to say I don't think Ive heard it before, but there are some damn good songs ("I'm Afraid of Americans", "Telling Lies", and several others).

On top of this we get the Bonus EP with various remixes (Moby, NIN, etc), which is worth a listen and finally "Earthling In the City", which was a giveaway disc containing live versions of several of the numbers. Again, I had never heard this one before, but it's a keeper!

EARTHLING-011. Little Wonder /02 Looking For Satellites/03 Battle for Britain/04Seven Year In Tibet/05 Dead Man Walking/06 Telling Lies/07 The Last Thing You Should Do/08 I'm Afraid of Americans/09 Law (Earthlings on Fire)

EARTHLING BONUS EP-01 Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix 1)/02 Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix 2)/03 I'm afraid of Americans (Nine Inch Nails VI Clean)/04 I'm Afraid of Americans (Nine Inch Nails VI Mix /05 I'm Afraid of Americans (Show Girls OST Version)/06 Little Wonder (Censored Video Edit)/07 Little Wonder (Danny Sabre Dance Mix)/08 Little Wonder (Junior Vasquez Club Mix)/09 Pallas Athena (Tao Jones Index)/10 Seven Years In Tibet (Mandarin version)/11 Telling Lies (Feelgood Mix)/12 Telling Lies (Paradox Mix)/13 V-2 Schneider (Tao jones Index

EARTHLING IN THE CITY-01 Little Wonder/02 Seven Years In Tibet (Edit)/03 Pallas Athena (Live)/04 The Heart Filthy Lesson/05 Telling Lies (Paradox Mix)/06 Seven Years In Tibeet (Mandarin Verion)






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  3. Thank you for this. Earthling is a terrific, underrated album and the remixes, a lot of which I have on the original single releases, are often terrific.

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