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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Zombies

Of all the British invasion bands, the most perfectly NAMED at least was the Zombies......creepy, strange, chilling at times......a great singles band for a short while, with stunningly classic efforts such as "She's Not There", "Tell her No", and "Time of the Season".....the band was somewhat the playground of Rod Argent, who later formed the band Argent and released one of the worst and most overplayed singles in the history of music, the horrendous "Hold Your Head Up".....

Anyway, great collection here. I figured I hadn't given up much in the last few days, still lots of problems and work ahead of me (you all know all about that), so here you go.......maybe even something else later, we'll see......

THE ZOMBIES GREATEST HITS-01 She's Not There (Stereo Overdub)/02 I Can't Make Up My Mind (Stereo)/03 Tell Her No (Stereo)/04 You Make Me Feel Good (Stereo)/05 Kind of Girl (Stereo)/06 Leave Me Be (Stereo)/07 Sometimes/08 Don't Cry For Me/09 It's Alright With Me/10 I Don't Want To Know/11 I Love You (Stereo)/12 Nothing's Changed (Stereo)/13 I remember When I Loved Her (Stereo)/14 Indication (Stereo)/15 Just Out of Reach (Stereo)/16 What More Can I Do/17 She Does Everything For Me (Stereo)/18 Time of the Season (Stereo)/19 She's Not There (Single Version)/20 Time of the Season (Alternate Mix)



  2. many thanks,i've never heard anything that i didn't like by the zombles,but there's a few titles i don't know on here-so maybe one or two on here...