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Friday, April 29, 2016


I'm always, when going through my stuff, finding an album like this one that I had forgotten all about. I would
have assumed that I would have posted this one in the last five years or so, but a check of the archives reveals not so.

This is the lone release from the band Christopher, from South Carolina is a pretty hard one to run down, and it comes from own private "golden era" of hard psych, that wonderful "turn of the 70's" era. Actually less psych-ish than many of the releases of this era that I love, and a good deal bluesier......this is a good one.

Christopher were guitarist/vocalist Frank Smoak, rhythm guitarist/vocalist Steve Nagle, bassist Bill McKee, and drummer Gary Lucas. Lots of good stuff here, the blues-rocking, twelve minute title track, "Death Song", which is probably the highlight here, "Day of Sunshine".....not as great as a lot of music of this era, but still a must-hear for fans of the genre.....

01 What'cha Gonna Do/02 The Great Clock/03 Holiday/04 Death Song/05 Fugue/06 Modern Day Oracles/07 Day of Sunshine

I have never read much about the band itself, I found a rather lengthy article on them that I thought I'd pass on to you, only should you desire to read it. It would take up too much space to post it here, but if you are interested to read more about the band, this includes some stories from drummer  Gary Lucas and some other information. If you want to read it, which I recommend, download the article here:

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