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Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Doors (Part 3 of Many)

To give a bit of a preview for what we are in for with this onslaught of live Doors recordings, let's begin with a really good one.....4 discs of "The Complete Matrix Club Tapes", from March 7th/10th 1967....obviously highlighting stuff from early on, you get a real feel for what it must have been like to have seen them live. I can only imagine, I wonder how many simply showed up to hear the "long version" of "Light My Fire", and were exposed to something unique to the world up until that time.

Check the set lists, great stuff here. Is this the set someone requested yesterday? Hopefully so, enjoy if it is.

DISC 1-01 Back Door Man/02 My Eyes Have Seen You/03 Soul Kitchen/04 Get Off My Life/05 When the Music's Over/06 Close To You/07 Crawling King Snake/08 I Can't See Your Face In My Mind/09 People Are Strange/10 Who Do You Love/11 Alabama Song/12 The Crystal Ship

DISC 2-01 Twentieth Century Fox/02 Moonlight Drive/03 Summer's Almost Gone/04 Unhappy Girl/05 Woman/06 Break On Through/07 Light My Fire/08 The End

DISC 3-01 My Eyes Have Seen You/02 Soul Kitchen/03 I Can't See Your Face In My Mind/04 People Are Strange/05 When the Music's Over/06 Money/07 Who Do You Love/08 Moonlight Drive

DISC 4-01 Summer's Almost Gone/02 I'm a King Bee/03 Gloria/04 Break On Through/05 Summertime/06 Back Door Man/07 Alabama Song/08 The End (beginning cut)

There is a TON more of these to me on that one.


  1. D1




  2. WTF!Big Scott is the fucking best!
    Many thanks.

  3. Yeah, Scott, this is the kind of post that makes me look up your blog with excitement and anticipation, almost gives me the feel I have before entering a record store. Thanks also for putting me on the Doors again, what a daring band that was!

  4. By the time I finish this you guys will be deathly sick of the Doors!