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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Zinc Orbie

This is a fairly rare/fairly bad album of 1980's electronic new wave, some of it (the title track" Ba Bo Baby") as an example, and "Hanging on a Line" are fairly unlistenable.....I post this for the rarity/curosity factors alone. It's a forgotten effort (understandably, I suppose), and little information on them is available online. However, this does contain a handful of tracks that are very good examples of the poppish new wave of 1986, most notably "When In Danger" which was truly a standout of this genre/era, also "Strange Town" and "This World" are respectable.

Took a look around and finally found a list of band members, at least, guitarst Kevin Dever, vocalist /guitarist//bassist Frank mattox, vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Kent Grey, and drummer Zinc Orbie.

I'd rate this at about 1.5 stars, perhaps 2 ("When In Danger" really IS a good song, and there a couple more, it's just that this is NOT an album that has aged well, despite not being all that good to begin with, but, the point that I try to drive home so often, ALL of this stuff is part of the complicated jigsaw puzzle/spider web that is modern music.

BA BO BABY-01 Ba Bo Baby/02 Take My Breath Away/03 Give Me Your Love/04 Hanging on a Line/05 When In Danger/06 Cover Girl/07 Step Forward/08 Strange Town/09 You've Got the Power/10 This World

It's a fairly uncommon one, at least, and honestly not without reason.



  2. The Ba Bo Baby LP wasn't really representative of what our band was all about (which is found on YouTube). We had mostly broken up by 1986 and got a deal to record an album, so we chased a commercial sound as opposed to our earlier nonsense.