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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Zinc Orbie

This is a fairly rare/fairly bad album of 1980's electronic new wave, some of it (the title track" Ba Bo Baby") as an example, and "Hanging on a Line" are fairly unlistenable.....I post this for the rarity/curosity factors alone. It's a forgotten effort (understandably, I suppose), and little information on them is available online. However, this does contain a handful of tracks that are very good examples of the poppish new wave of 1986, most notably "When In Danger" which was truly a standout of this genre/era, also "Strange Town" and "This World" are respectable.

Took a look around and finally found a list of band members, at least, guitarst Kevin Dever, vocalist /guitarist//bassist Frank mattox, vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Kent Grey, and drummer Zinc Orbie.

I'd rate this at about 1.5 stars, perhaps 2 ("When In Danger" really IS a good song, and there a couple more, it's just that this is NOT an album that has aged well, despite not being all that good to begin with, but, the point that I try to drive home so often, ALL of this stuff is part of the complicated jigsaw puzzle/spider web that is modern music.

BA BO BABY-01 Ba Bo Baby/02 Take My Breath Away/03 Give Me Your Love/04 Hanging on a Line/05 When In Danger/06 Cover Girl/07 Step Forward/08 Strange Town/09 You've Got the Power/10 This World

It's a fairly uncommon one, at least, and honestly not without reason.

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