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Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Brief Visit From Studboy

(scott) VERY brief because I am totally unfamiliar with the release or the band......without a doubt, though, SOUNDS interesting, and who CAN'T not use some more high speed punk in thier collection? Be like Studkid and search around, you'll find plenty of interesting things to share with the rest of us
What about a competition?

Here is shortest album I know
Fox Reactions - Outlier (2012) 10 numbers in 12 minutes. A fine former punk band from NJ.
You can get their discographyFOR FREE

(scott again) btw thanks to EVERY band and artist in the world who lives in the real world/era, who GETS IT and shares their music through outlets such as Bandcamp or our little blog here, it is YOU who are the future of the recording industry, NOT neo-nazis who wish for FEWER people to hear their work. Thanks to Fox Reactions and everyone else who create good music AND are proud enough of it that they  feel confidant in letting people HEAR it!

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