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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Blue Oyster Cult REDUX!

One of my early posts, BOC has always been one of my faves, at lest those incredible first three albums,
served up here as supreme vinyl rips.....I have also included a slew of EARLY BOC boots, demos, etc, some Soft White Underbelly, lots of killer shit (I think they began to suck after "Secret Treaties" myself, although, they did give us an occasional "Don't Fear the Reaper" or "Burning For You".......but if you missed this goldmine the first time (2011?) don't be a dumbass and miss it again, this is MUST HAVE/MUST HEAR shit, and if you are a BOC fan, it is 100000% essential. Period! I am not fucking around here.....

Let's start out with the first three classic albums.....if you do not own them, please tell me why? BOC were not about that "Godzilla" nonsense, after all......take the amazing debut with the great ballad "Then Came the Last Days Of May" (four buddies set out to make a fortune in the dope biz, one makes his by wasting the other three....."They say the west is nice this time of year, it's what they say").....brrrrrr just amazing, and that isn't even counting "Before the Kiss, a Redcap" or "Cities on Flame With Rock n Roll".......

Album #2 is better if anything....."Tyranny and Mutation" includes the most amazing track transitions ever recorded, "Seven Screaming Diz-Busters"......."OD'd On Life Itself".....if you don't own this WHY? and here is a fine vinyl rip as well......NO excuses!

Album #3, "Secret Treaties", EVERY bit as good as the previous ones...."Dominance and Submission", "Astronomy", "ME 262", "Cagey Cretins"'s a classic album AND again, another classic VINYL rip, these albums deserve to be heard in "vinyl"......

OK, other great stuff: Starting off with Soft White Underbelly, a pre-BOC version of BOC......fab shit just to be aware of......and after that, TONS of remixes, demos, live takes......hell look at the track lists below.....BOC was one of the world's best rock bands for a minute or two appreciate them!

BLUE OYSTER CULT-01 Transmaniacon MC/02 I'm On the Lamb, But I Ain't No Sheep/03 Then Came the Last Days of May/04 Stairway to the Stars/05 Before the Kiss, a Redcap/06 Cities on Flame With Rock n Roll/07 Screams/08 She's as Beautiful as a Foot/09 Workshop of the Telescopes/10 Redeemed

TYRANNY AND MUTATION-01 The Red and the Black/02 OD'd On Life Itself/03 Hot rails to Hell/04 Seven Screaming Diz Busters/05 Baby Ice Dog/06 Wings Wetted Down/07 Teen Archer/08 Mistress of the Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl)

SECRET TREATIES-01 Career of Evil/02 Subhuman/03 Dominance and Submission/04 ME 262/05 Cagey Cretins/06 Harvester of Eyes/07 Flaming Telepaths/08 Astronomy

SOFT WHITE UNDERBELLY-01 Donovan's Monkey/02 What is Quicksand/03 A Fact About Sneakers/04 Betty Lou's Got a New Pair of Shoes

BOC RANDOM STUFF-01 Dominance and Submission (Live)/02 Career of Evil (Live)/03 Joan Crawford (Live)/04 Burning For You (Live)/05 Don't Fear the Reaper (Acoustic)/06 Astronomy (Remix) (don't miss this one!)/07 Don't Fear the Reaper (Apollo 400 Remix)

6/8/75 DEMO TAPE-01 Stairway to the Stars/02 Dominance and Submission/03 Astronomy/ 04 ME 262

(Now we go to live stuff excusively!)

ROCHESTER NY 4/372 BOC's FIRST EVER TAPED SHOW-01 Stairway to the Stars/02 Transmaniacon MC/03 Then Came The last Days of may/04 Before the Kiss, A Redcap/05 Born to Be Wild

NYC 4/3/72-01 Workshop of the Telescopes/02 Cities On Flame with Rock N Roll/03 The Red and the Black/04 Buck's Boogie

1972 DETROIT MI-01 Intro/01 The Red and the Black/03 Transmaniacon MC/04 Screams/05 OD'd On Life Itself/06 Wings Wetted Down/07 7 Screaming Diz Busters/08 Buck's Boogie/09 Workshop of the Telescopes/10 Cities On Flame With Rock N Roll/11 It's Not Easy

1973 CLEVELAND- 01 Screams/02 Quicklime Girl/03 Workshop of the Telescopes/04 Cities On Flame With Rock N Roll/05 Buck's Boogie/06 It's Not Easy

COMMACK NY 5/17/75-01 Stairway to the Stars/02 Dominance and Submission/03 Astronomy/04 ME 262

LIVE IN THE WEST 1975 DISC 1-01 Stairway to the Stars/02 OD'd On Life Itself/03 Harvester of Eyes/04 Flamin' Telepaths/05 Subhuman/06 Seven Screaming Diz Busters

LIVE IN THE WEST 1975 DISC 2-01 Astronomy/02 Cities on Flame With Rock n Roll/03 Buck's Boogie/04 Hot Rails to Hell/05 Maserati GT (I Ain't Got You)

CLEVELAND 1975- 01 Stairway to the Stars/02 OD'd On Life itself/03 Harvester of Eyes/04 Dominance & Submission/05 Cities On Flame With Rock n Roll/06 Buck's Boogie/07 ME 262

MILWAUKEE 1975-01 Stairway to the Stars/02 Harvester of Eyes/03 Cities on Flame With Rock n Roll/04 Hot Rails to Hell

DETROIT 1976 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Stairway to the Stars/03 Harvester of Eyes/04 Cities On Flame With Rock n Roll/05 ETI/06 Morning Final/07 Flaming Telepaths/08 Then Came the last days of May/09 ME 262

DETROIT 1976 DISC 2-01 Dominance and Submission/02 Buck's Boogie/03 This Aint the Summer of Love/04 5 Guitar Medley/05 Born to Be Wild/06 Don't Fear the Reaper/07 Maserati GT (I Ain't Got You)

Be grateful, this was a bit of work.......since my VIKINGS are opening the preseason tomorrow night vs the Cincinnati Bengals or whatever they are called tomorrow, I may take a day off from satisfying your very easy, Angie has some stuff for the weekend, as do I.......NEVER will I drop my followers, even that douche "Scottsomething" who complains that he doesn't get his free stuff fast enough.....God, what a tool..........


  1. links will be up soon, dont stress about it!

  2. boc debut

    bbc tyranny

    bbc secret

  3. boc cleveland 73


    detroit 76

  4. detroit 72



    NYC 72

    boc random tracks

  5. west d2

    west d1

    cleveland 75

    soft white

  6. Thank you for this fine Blue Oyster Cult music. They were my first concert back in 83 ish. May have been the last band that I saw too now that I think about it.

  7. Scott, can you fix this?
    west d2 = same link as boc random tracks
    demos = live stuff, probably Commack
    detroit 76 D2 = no link

    1. Actually Demos and Commack are one and the same, I just realized that, I have 2 copies with different cover artwork but discs are the sam

  8. For a while in college those first three BOC albums were phenomenally important. My friend Bill and I would ride around Lincoln Nebraska late at night with those three albums on cassette - knew those things note for note. Secret Treaties is still one of my absolute go-tos. Great post!

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  10. Detroit Disc 2

    I'll look at the other problems shortly

  11. Many thanks for the BOC. I've seen a lot of bands live, but I think they were the best. I hope you're enjoying your Summer.

  12. Many thanks!
    (Had the 1st, love to hear 2+3 album.)

  13. Brilliant! Love the early BÖC stuff. They rocked as hard as anyone at the time. Too bad the later stuff got soft. Thanks for posting it again. I'll have to compare it to what is already in my library.

  14. Damn, any chance of a re-up for those first three albums ripped from vinyl?