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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Alabama Shakes (Jon S)

(scott) Jon S submits a couple of posts here from some not-exactly-rock n roll genres, which is always a
GREAT thing.......Alabama Shakes I have liked for a while, the tremendous post-teenage bar band I support (SAMAX, HI Sammie and Max!) have covered a couple of their songs......this is some TREMENDOUS southern blues-roots-rock, I advise that you check these out (as well as everything else here, LOTS of great stuff lately, all centered around that fab R*d*o*e*a* covers project you'll see at the top of the page!)

Boys & Girls (2012)

01 Hold On/02 I Found You/03 Hang Loose/04 Rise to the Sun/05 You Ain't Alone/06 Goin' to the Party/07 Heartbreaker/08 Boys & Girls/09 Be Mine/10 I Ain't the Same/11 On Your Way/12 Heavy Chevy

Sound & Color (2015)

01 Sound & Color/02 Don't Wanna Fight/03 Dunes/04 Future People/05 Gimme All Your Love/06 This Feeling/07 Guess Who/08 The Greatest/09 Shoegaze/10 Miss You/11 Gemini/12 Over My Head/13 Gimme All Your Love (Live From The Artists Den)/14 The Greatest (Live From The Artists Den)/15 Joe (Live From The Artists Den)

Lollapalooza, Argentina 3/19/16

01 (Intro)/02 Future People/03 Dunes/04 Rise to the Sun/05 Hang Loose/06 Shoegaze/07 Always Alright/08 Miss You/09 Be Mine/10 The Greatest/11 You Ain't Alone/12 Over My Head/13 Don't Wanna Fight/14 Gimme All Your Love

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