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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Buddy Guy

Yes, I've posted these albums before, but so it is.....from someone who has seen most everyone live in my
time, last year's Buddy Guy show that my son Grant and I attended was one of the best. Grant is gone, away at college now, but Madame Angela and myself are going to attend the Buddy Guy/Johnny Laing show Saturday! So I'm posting these albums again, in celebration of the great Buddy Guy, making it through another year and coming back to Ohio to entertain and thrill us again.......

BUDDY'S BADDEST-01 Damn Right I've Got the Blues/02 Five Long Years/03 Mustang Sally/04 Remeberin' Stevie/05 She's a Superstar/06 Feels Like Rain/07 She's Nineteen Years Old//08 I Smell Trouble/09 Someone Else Is Slippin' In/10 My Time After a While/11 Midnight Train/12 Miss Ida B/13 I Need Your Love So Bad/14 Innocent Man

VERY BEST OF BUDDY GUY-01 First Time I Met the Blues/02 The Way You been Treatin' Me/03 Sit and Cry (The Blues)/04 This is the End/05 Stone Crazy/06 When My Left Eye Jumps/07 My Time After a While/08 Hold That Plane/09 Hello San Francisco/10 Five Long Years/11 First Time I Met the Blues/12 A Man of Many Words/13 T Bone Shuffle/14 When You See the Tears From My Eyes/15 Ten Years Ago/16 Blues at My baby's House/17 She Suits Me to a T/18 Just Teasin'


  1. Baddest


  2. You know you should really make the trip to Chicago in Jan. for one of his shows at his club. Yeah, I know it's winter, but we make the trip from Wisconsin almost every year. These are fun shows, always a side story (including the time a table of sloppy drunks were told to leave and, as a group of us waited for cabs Buddy came out as one of the drunks stumbled up and slurred, "Buddy, I gotta tell ya somethin'" to which he replied, "You ain't tellin' me a motherfuckin' thing" - he knew who she was. She looked like she had been hit in the face with a fryiong pan. Buddy hopped into his SUV to our cheers and whisked away into the night.) and Legends does it right. If you want a seat, you have to be there early and prepare for the long haul. Buddy always comes into the audience for about a third of his set if you decide to come late and stand. He always sticks around afterwards, chatting and signing stuff.

    1. I recall you telling the same great story last year!....Awesome! Likely I am not coming to Chicago (unless to see the Vikings whip up on the Bears), but I have seen them all....Pink floyd, the Clash, The Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin.....Buddy Guy is as great as anyone I can think of and Angie will be seeing him in about 48 hours, fucking can't wait. He was great last year, and there is no doubt in my mind he will be this year as well

    2. Saw him last night in Columbus. Unbelievable show!

  3. That's what happens when you drink beer. Saw him open for the Stones last year, quite tasty. On a related note, have you seen/heard Jane Lee Hooker? Very high on sass blues

  4. I have seen Buddy play about 10x about half of them at his club. That is by far the best place to see him play. And yes, you need to get there early. I used to have a late lunch and dinner there along with about 15 pints of Harp Lager. Great times. I saw him again this April and he was still very good. However, I will not go see him again. Every show is now almost scripted for him. Same song order, same jokes, etc. Great if you never seen it. Disappointing if you have. I hope you have a good time though.

  5. I'm partial to the old days. I used to live across the street from Biddy Mulligan's, and to this day one of his sets was some of the most amazing music I've ever witnessed, February '86.

    First set was middling, but he closed it with a pretty hot Look on Yonder's Wall and mumbled to himself, "Shit, I ain't high enough...".

    Apparently the break did the trick because the second set was phenomenal. Opened with a smoldering I Smell a Rat that slammed headlong into a blistering Things I Used to Do. Just got better from there to where it seemed he was playing licks that guitar wasn't even capable of. Murderous.

    Alas, the second break he overdid it because the third set was a mess...Buddy hitting the strings with a drumstick, missing vocal cues, just screwing around. Disappointing finish but it can never take away from the killer moments of his second set. I'll never forget it.